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The In Between


“Hey B, do you want to live here where there’s lots of houses or at Chris and Al’s where there’s lots of trees and birds?” “Trees and birds, mummy.” My brother recently bought 60 acres of land out at Pine Mountain and leading up to the settlement we had a daily running commentary countdown from a certain man I live […]

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Homeward Stretch


In a new Delaney record, we have managed to kill three out of four goldfish in the space of 24 hours and now have a mini goldfish burial site at the front of our garden. Ella found the first two floating at the top of the pond as she rushed out first thing in the morning to check on them […]

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When We Die


“Am I going to die, mum?” she asks, a tiny voice coming from the backseat. I pause, thrown off centre, turning my head to meet her eyes – bright and watery and big. I wondered when this moment would come. I sit a little taller, scrambling to get my thoughts together, and I think that the largest of things always strikes […]

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Still Worth Celebrating


I saw a HONY post a couple of days ago about a man in crack addiction recovery, attributing his success in staying clean to his childhood — that buried beneath his addiction was the memory of something good, a version of himself he could return to. He said that many addicts who don’t recover often come from a life where […]

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