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You gotta hand it to Hallmark for creating a day just for love. I had two options: Feel sick and miserable and sorry for myself, or feel sick and miserable and sorry for myself while also cutting out felt hearts to make my house pretty. The latter won, thank you Valentine’s Day, because if there is one motivator for getting […]

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The First Day


I trudge through Woolworths, reassured by the portable plastic vomit bag tucked into my handbag a health nurse had so kindly given me, hoping desperately I wouldn’t need to use it in the middle of aisle three. I throw anything into my basket that could be shoved into a lunchbox without too much effort and settle on sushi rolls, veggie […]

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Then to Now


This is one of my favourite posts to put together each year. I sit down with a cold drink and some favourite music and I look back on photos and past posts, reliving our year, remembering forgotten moments, compiling a month by month highlight reel of all the things we’ve loved and celebrated. Want to feel happier? Do the same. […]

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Merry and Bright


Our ornaments are packed away, piled into a big tub and stored away until next year. Gone is the plaid and the lights and our Christmas village, and in there place are empty spaces ready to fill. Some last Christmas memories: Our overnighter in the city, Christmas eve eve. We stayed at Royal on the Park, a gorgeous old hotel […]

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Sperm Whales & Pink Flamingos


Our overnight bags are packed. Presents are wrapped. The house is clean. Fresh sheets line our beds and a beeswax candle burns on the kitchen bench. We’ve reached those final days of exhaustion and happiness all wrapped up in one and today at 2pm officially marks the start of holidays as we pick Billy up from daycare¬†and check into a […]

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