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Things To Love


A heavy anxiety followed me around all day last Thursday. Anxiety is not impending doom to me. It’s not the jittery sense that something bad is about to happen. Anxiety is a No Space feeling. It is walls surrounding me, moving in. And it’s me stuck inside them: panicky, restless, overwhelmed, with nowhere to go. At Kindergarten pick-up, my friend […]

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School Holidays


We’re one week down. The coffee consumption has been doubled. A school holidays bucket list is taped to our fridge, written last week when my daughter’s What are we going to do now, mum? questioning was getting a tad too intense. In a world dripping with problems and ignorant, closed-off people driving those problems, it’s such a relief for me to […]

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Am I Pretty?


I stand in front of the bathroom mirror, applying makeup. I become acutely aware Ella is in the doorway. She’s watching me. Why do I wear make-up? I think. Do I wear it for me or do I wear it for the world? And if I “wear it for me” do I even know what that means? Is that simply […]

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Start Here


It’s Day Two of Spring (who’s wearing mint green nail polish?), which basically means one of three things: 1- New saltwaters bought 2- Yellow floral dresses being delivered 3- Counting down the days until our waterpark opens In this case, all three apply, and right now I’m one flower crown away from turning all Anne of Green Gables and putting […]

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Stand Up, Little Girl.


There’s a folder I’ve started on my computer called “Ella”, and in it are things I come across and file away for the years ahead of us. Things like books to read, documentaries to watch with her, little one-liners I want to memorise: You owe no one your prettiness.  I copy links to articles on politeness. On playing small. On […]

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