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Then to Now


This is one of my favourite posts to put together each year. I sit down with a cold drink and some favourite music and I look back on photos and past posts, reliving our year, remembering forgotten moments, compiling a month by month highlight reel of all the things we’ve loved and celebrated. Want to feel happier? Do the same. […]

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Merry and Bright


Our ornaments are packed away, piled into a big tub and stored away until next year. Gone is the plaid and the lights and our Christmas village, and in there place are empty spaces ready to fill. Some last Christmas memories: Our overnighter in the city, Christmas eve eve. We stayed at Royal on the Park, a gorgeous old hotel […]

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Sperm Whales & Pink Flamingos


Our overnight bags are packed. Presents are wrapped. The house is clean. Fresh sheets line our beds and a beeswax candle burns on the kitchen bench. We’ve reached those final days of exhaustion and happiness all wrapped up in one and today at 2pm officially marks the start of holidays as we pick Billy up from daycare and check into a […]

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The North Pole


  Our first little North Pole party. Little children in their jammies, faces lit up by twinkle lights, cookies in their little hands. Just like it should be. I’ve seen a few people host them and always thought it made for such a special and magical evening. It did.   We had a surprise call from Santa (who weirdly, sounded […]

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Christmas Craft: Beeswax Candles


She wore a white tee and a navy polka dot skirt on her first day of kindergarten. Her backpack looked so inappropriately large, which only made her look small. Too small. Like she should still be at home with me, clomping around in my shoes, asking to make ice blocks, asking to paint my nails. I was nervous that day, her […]

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There’s really no other way to start this post than with a great giant cup of egg nog. I was in Woolworths yesterday, forgetting to put things in my trolley like, you know, dinner, and instead I flung in mangoes and ham and melting chocolate and lychees and mince pies and pavlova bases and aforementioned egg nog because IT’S DECEMBER […]

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