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Our Summer Bucket List

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but if you are ever considering divorcing your spouse, I highly recommend selling, buying, or moving house just to seal the deal. We’ve just bought a forever home which is obviously exciting but you guys, the PAPERWORK. The paperwork alone is enough to have you wanting to throw your spouse’s belongings out the window. We Delaneys, we’re mostly good and a little bad. We try hard but we find life harder and so there is no solution to how hard life is but to take it out on each other. We are mature and forward-thinking like that. Am currently printing out these 6 relationship strategies I learnt in marriage counselling and whacking it on our fridge in between deep breaths and chanting the serenity prayer. Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, WATERMELON DRESSES. I like to do this little thing called directing my “being an adult is too hard” overflow to the place it settles most: My children. They are both a great cause of my stress and yet my greatest stress-relief. When Joel says ‘Can you fill out those forms today’, it gets translated to: ‘Kids, I’m taking us to get ice-cream.’ What can I say? I’m mature, I guess. I can cope with all sorts of problems and life admin is no exception. But you guys, the sun is rising earlier and earlier, it’s 25 degrees today and there’s that feel to the […]

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The Fair


There was once a famous writer who, when asked if she loved writing, replied, “No. But I love having written.” The Ekka is just like that. Crowds of people have never been my jam, and heading out with small children on any day like this can be trying, naturally. Oh, you want everything you see? Oh, you’re going to be maxed out […]

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Our Road Trip Film


We’re all nursing post-holiday blues. A long weekend full of cheese and fires and friends and big open country side and wine tasting and farm animals and happy children running around everywhere we look. Tracy and I have been comparing how dark and gloomy our husbands are now we’re back, and her husband is currently in first place but Joel […]

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Friday Love


In a couple of hours we cross off our last winter bucket list adventure and road trip it west with friends for apple picking and olive buying and wineries and fire places and cheese. SO MUCH CHEESE. So a quick pop in for a small happies photo dump today. Happy Friday! Fun times at our local Sandgate festival last weekend. New […]

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A Shared Room


Before we knew what gender our second child would be, there was a great huge part of my heart which longed for another girl. I dreamt of a sisterhood I never had. I envisaged shared closets and fights over clothes. I forecasted secret languages and whispered secrets. I saw bunk beds when they were in primary school, then still a shared […]

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The In Between


“Hey B, do you want to live here where there’s lots of houses or at Chris and Al’s where there’s lots of trees and birds?” “Trees and birds, mummy.” My brother recently bought 60 acres of land out at Pine Mountain and leading up to the settlement we had a daily running commentary countdown from a certain man I live […]

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