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Christmas Craft: Beeswax Candles


She wore a white tee and a navy polka dot skirt on her first day of kindergarten. Her backpack looked so inappropriately large, which only made her look small. Too small. Like she should still be at home with me, clomping around in my shoes, asking to make ice blocks, asking to paint my nails. I was nervous that day, her […]

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There’s really no other way to start this post than with a great giant cup of egg nog. I was in Woolworths yesterday, forgetting to put things in my trolley like, you know, dinner, and instead I flung in mangoes and ham and melting chocolate and lychees and mince pies and pavlova bases and aforementioned egg nog because IT’S DECEMBER […]

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Advent Ideas


A few weeks back, I gave my husband a deadline for our house renovations. It went something like: I don’t care what it takes, but that Christmas tree will be going up in our new house on the first of December so help you God. I said this because my priorities are in order and because the kids think that if […]

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Renovations, Part One


Oh, hi there. Just popping in with a little update. It’s week three of our house renos and let’s just say that this is generally how we’re feeling. In the mornings, Joel and I haggle jokingly over who woke up with more anxiety and whose body parts ache the most. We fluctuate between giddy euphoria over this home we are […]

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