My Red Tent High

I wasn’t planning on writing again today but I have two announcements to make.


Firstly, in the light of yesterday’s post, I have given up the reigns of the kitchen and Joel is now is in charge of dinners. In retrospect, I’m not sure that this is actually a good idea.


Because, friends, this is Joel, left to his own devices:




As you can imagine, I was A LITTLE ALARMED to walk outside to hang the washing out and find this going on in the backyard.


I say calmly, Ah, Joel, what’s happening out here? 


He tells me he’s smoking things. For dinner, he says.


I decide to say nothing but instead to go and grab my camera because I need to show you all EVIDENCE of the kind of life I am living. I’m not sure that you’d all believe me if I said that JOEL WAS SETTING FIRE TO THE BACKYARD IN HIS ATTEMPT TO COOK DINNER.


So here it is. This is the cold, hard proof:




Without saying so, I know these acts of enormous effort excite Joel and are his way of showing his pride in providing for his family. However, I do wonder whether he’s aware we are living in down-town suburbia and not the wild terrain of Patagonia. I think he really needs to feel earthy, this one, so I keep clicking away on my camera and decide not to ask what we will actually be having for dinner. I’m scared that he’s really gone and caught some wild animal from the local park and we will, in fact, be eating smoked possum with mashed potato for tea.


Anyway, onto announcement number two:


Today, I had a red tent moment that has kept me on a high all day. You guys, a beautiful, beautiful person called Kate who I have only met a couple of times before did something very incredibly nice for me today. She went out of her way to buy me healthy things and bake me a quiche and then drove all the way to my place to drop it over. Just like it was no big deal. Just like she does this kind of nice stuff all the time. And here’s what I get to enjoy:





Kate’s a mum herself, so I guess she knows. She knows what the first few months with a new baby are like and I could have kissed her kind little feet with gratitude. Because little acts of kindness like this make me realize that we’re all in this together. Some are further ahead, some are further behind, but it makes it a whole lot easier when you know there are people out there who are willing go out of their way to help you through. Just because they know. 


As she left, she called out, Keep writing your blogs, so Kate, this one’s for you. I will write and write and write until I’m out of things to say and I hope with all my heart that they can ease someone’s troubles just as much as you have eased mine.


I think we may have started something here friends.

A Red Tent Revolution, if you must know.



My next post will be on Saturday – I have something to celebrate with you all.

Love, Rachel


P.S. I’m about to eat dinner. Wish me luck.

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