Hump Day

It’s hump day. And today I’m feeling particularly hump-ish.


I’m sleep deprived. I’m isolated. I’m over it.


Anyway, this was not meant to be a whinging post, there’s enough whinging coming from a small person I will refrain from naming. She needs to go to bed, that one. Some one tell her she needs to SLEEP because she sure as hell won’t listen to me.


Onto more pressing news.


You guys, the Baby-Nazi is going.

(Read this post if the last sentence made absolutely no sense to you.)


Slow and steady, like the pace most things go when one is trying to change themselves, she’s packing up her belongings and leaving town.


It has been good for both Joel and I. Obviously, like you all told me it would be.


It’s just that I can be a little slow to give up the hold sometimes. Stubborn a Certain Man usually calls it, although I think his judgement calls can tend to be a little on the harsh side.


Anyway the exciting news is that there is balance around these parts again. Joel is discovering who his little girl is and although I pretend to ignore the circles forming under his eyes, I see them. It’s hard to miss them, really, because Joel flashes his weary eyes at me constantly as if begging me to acknowledge them. Yeah mate, I know it’s hard. Stop acting so surprised. You want to know your daughter? She’s all yours, sweet thing.




Two seconds before this photo was taken, she was all smiles. LITERALLY two seconds before. Then, without any warning, she was suddenly cross with me and used every inch of her tiny little body to make sure I was aware of this fact. It’s just how she rolls.


By the way, when I tell my parents about these unfortunate fiery personality traits I am starting to see in Ella, they just laugh.


Karma, they say.


And I think it’s quite rude because firstly, my dad is not a spiritual man so he doesn’t really have the authority to be pulling out these spiritual lessons of cause and effect like he’s the Dalai Lama himself. And secondly, not helpful guys. You can just take your knowing smiles and march them back home.


Anyway, back to Joel getting to know his daughter.

Instead of feeling compassion for him when he looks at me wearily while pulling out every trick card he sees me use on Ella when she’s being *festive*, I truly have to hide my smile.


Last Saturday, Ella was having a particularly bad day because she had missed a sleep and was turning nastier with every passing second. Joel works on Saturday mornings, but as soon as he makes his pretty way home, Ella is now thrust into his arms so they can get to know one another better.


And just as well.


I’d been living off 4 hours of broken sleep for the previous few nights and was in no state to be effectively parenting a small child who did not understand that mummy was teetering dangerously close to the edge so PERHAPS I SHOULD JUST QUIT MY CRYING AND GO ENTERTAIN MYSELF.


When he arrived home, Ella was promptly placed into his barely-in-the-door arms with only one instruction: You’ve got her til bedtime. I walked to the bathroom and ran myself a very hot bath.  Joel followed me in there and hovered in the doorway. I gave him a heads up. Usually at this time of the day, she will NOT be happy if you put her down anywhere so it’s probably best if you just keep holding her while you guys do your thing. He seemed grateful for the advice and left.


10 minutes, friends.


I was lying there, trying my very best to tune out to the festivities, as I knew there would be plenty of, and after 10 minutes, a head poked in the doorway and asked:


Ah, Rach? And what time is bedtime? 

6 o’clock, I answered.

He went without saying a word, although I’m sure I saw a new wrinkle suddenly develop on his forehead as he left.


I had to laugh.

It was 4:00.

PLENTY of time to get to know her, I thought. They’ll be besties in no time.





Happy Hump Day, friends. Y’all come back now.




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