She Was Theirs

Welcome back lovelies.


Another week begins.




Now, I know Mondays can be tough. They are the day we all wish the weekend would stretch for longer, and the day most of us wish we could call in sick. So, given the nature of today, I thought I’d begin by telling you some extremely exciting news.


Sit down friends.

Turn your phone on silent.






I know.

I know.

But listen. You should probably stop jumping up and down and shrieking. People might worry.


Of course, Murphy created this law that means the minute I make a spectacle out of this news is the exact minute the God’s whisper into Ella’s sweet little ear that she’s not really tired and that she should definitely be awake every two hours. Just to remind me I’m not In Charge. Just to teach me to be flexible. Just to test me. I’m aware of this. I know about Murphy and his ways. I have weighed up the risks, but it’s just too important an incident not to tell you.

I’VE BEEN SLEEPING you guys. And I feel normal again.



Anyway, onto more pressing news.

Friends, I had a warm and wonderful weekend full of the all good stuff – family, games and food.

After my last post, things have changed. While I spent time with my family over the weekend, I took a step back.


On the inside.


I tried to stay quiet. I tried to hover to the side. I tried to watch and observe and notice the joy on the faces of everyone else as they held Ella in their arms. Instead of watching her, I watched them. And it was beautiful. For the first time, I really, truly, with all of my heart, got it.


She was theirs too.


She was theirs.























Look at my Mum’s face.

Beautiful, hey?




We can all change if we try.




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