Inside The Tent

I once heard that the brain doesn’t know the difference between something you see to be there and what you imagine to be there. If you close your eyes and visualize a cozy and warm fireplace, your body fires all these signals off to your brain which can’t tell if you are really seeing the fireplace, or just imagining the fireplace.


Which is fantastic, of course, because even when we are stuck at work or dripping with needy children or have no money in our wallets to take us to places we’d like to go, we can still go there.


And today, I’m taking you away, friends.

I’m taking you inside.


I know how easy it is to get all caught up inside your head and not notice your surroundings, so in case you haven’t stopped to look around this tent, I’d suggest you immediately do so. Because, friends, THIS is what the Red Tent looks like.






The Red (White) Tent has always meant to be a place to get away from everything. It’s always been a place to shut off and rest and fill yourself back up with the things you continually give away. That’s what we do here. We stop. We laugh. We forget. We just relax.

So take your shoes off and come in, sweet friends, it’s soooooo cozy inside.





We are in the middle of exquisite countryside, here. The air smells of flowers and home-made bread. You take in a deep breath and soak in the peace of the place.


Now, the first thing one does when one enters the Red Tent is head for the kitchen. That’s where the tea is. Or the coffee if you’re having a really bad day.




I know what you’re thinking, and yes, the Red Tent is extremely advanced to have a fully functioning kitchen inside. Only the best for you guys. We don’t want to rough it, or anything. It’s a self-cleaning kitchen, too. No washing up, no bins to take out. We just put in our order and off it goes to work. Freshly baked muffins? Done. Chocolate brownies? Done. Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan wraps? Done.


It doesn’t judge, this kitchen. It just makes.


Now, after you grab the food and drink you so desire, the tent is yours to enjoy. You might make your way into this room and stay for a little while.





Stacked with books to feed your little soul, plus some glossy magazines if you’re that way inclined. I personally love reading trashy mags every now and again. Gotta keep up to date with Brad and Angelina and see if Jen’s found new love, and all.


As you continue exploring, book and cup of tea in hand, you’ll wonder where you can go to sit. You’ll wonder where you can just plant your tired little backsides and relax. So you walk outside. And THIS is what you see.





I know.

I know.

But it gets better.

You guys, guess what else is there?






Um, are you seeing this? How you could have missed it the first few times, I don’t know. And the best part is that there are no husbands allowed. No children pestering you. No noise, no disturbances, no nothing.

I suspect I’ll be here for the rest of the day.


For those of you who like a little more action, there’s always movie night.

That’s correct.

Movie night.

Ryan Gosling on the big screen. Or maybe Channing Tatum. He’s becoming my new fave, that one.




Or you can watch old cars.

Riveting, those old car movies.


Obviously, all this bliss can be addictive. You can stay inside this tent for so long that people might wonder where you’ve gone. Which is fine. Let them wonder.

Because friends, this tent of ours even has a SPARE BEDROOM.




I know.

It’s amazing.

A little cabin tucked to the side just for you.



Feel better?

Thought so.






Images are from here and here and here and here

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