Day Two

Good morning! Rise and shine!

Another day in paradise begins. Remember, leave your worries here. They have no place on this retreat.




So, how did you sleep?

How do you feel?

Excited for what the day may bring?


Well, let me just start by saying this.

While you were sleeping something very magical happened.

Something which could only happen here on this retreat since this is an enchanted retreat.


While you were sleeping, the world tilted on its axis. I know, it’s totally amazing. The entire world has shifted and the scenary outside has miraculously changed. Go to your window lovelies.










The sun is rising over the most incredible of beaches and the weather looks like it’s going to be perfect. I know you probably want to get down there and feel the ocean between your toes, but first things first.


There is something Mr Worthington and I have organized for you, and we have a sneaking suspicion you might enjoy it.

A lot.


Lovelies, walk outside, turn left and wander down the path.

There is something waiting for you.




I knew you’d like it.



When you’ve finished, head down the stairs to the beachfront. Mr Worthington will come and get you when lunch is ready.




As you lie here finishing yesterday’s book, the sun radiates warmth over every inch of your skin and the sound of the waves crashing to the shore softens something inside. Nothing else exists except you and TOTAL RELAXATION. Life is starting to look up, no? It should be because guess what?


He’s coming.

Mr Worthington is coming.*

*She whispers urgently.





He’s just been fighting some baddies, so he’s a little late, but look what he has for you.






as if you weren’t lucky enough, he’s also prepared some lunch.

Follow the nice man, lovelies.






There’s a bottle of champers there too if you are that way inclined. Nothing says relaxation like some midday bubbles, after all. Now, this afternoon we have a yoga session booked in for you, so take your time eating and wander back to your room when you’ re ready. Mr Worthington has laid some comfy clothes out for you to slip into for your yoga class, so choose whatever you’d like.




And yes he did fold all those clothes up so neat and no you can’t take him home with you.




Ladies, your yoga session awaits.





Now, if you’ll excuse me, Mr Worthington and I must be off to plan tomorrow’s events. You will not be disappointed, can I just say. It gets even better.

Enjoy the rest of your day, sweet friends.


Namaste x




Thought of the day:

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4 Responses to “Day Two”

  1. caitlinjm

    Oh Bliss! I can feel the warmth on my skin, the massage’s the swims, the yummy yummy food! I’m quite intoxicated with all this loveliness! XO


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