Day Three

Good morning!

We have a VERY special day planned for you, lovelies. We are reaching the half-way point, and Mr Worthington and I are really hoping you’ve started to unwind. If not, by the end of today you most definitely will have, trust me.


Trust me.


Anyway, breakfast ladies?






Mr Worthington will be here shortly to take your order. Have a think about what you might want.





Now, today you are going to need a big breakfast because there are lots of activities planned for you. And yes, that IS a helicopter arriving to take you to them.







But take your time. Enjoy your breakfast. Mr Worthington has no place else to be. He shall just be sitting here waiting patiently until you are ready to leave. He’s polite like that.







As you sit here sipping this




GUESS WHAT just flew past you?







You guys, it’s a sign.

It’s a sign that today is going to be the best day yet.

Finish your drink, lovelies. Quicksticks. Hop in that helicopter and let’s get going. There’s not a second to be missed.





First stop: Heaven On Earth










Lovelies, this is where you will be spending the night. We have officially relocated.


















We can’t tell you where this place is because it has been exclusively reserved for you. We would hate for the location to leak and for the rest of the world to find out about it. It’s ours, this place.

And here’s the good news, lovelies.


Take a deep breath.


Brace yourselves.




You have been booked in for a FIVE HOUR pamper session.

Right now.


Off you go.

Mr Worthington will bring your bags inside.

Go and enjoy yourself.






































Feel better?

Thought so.


Enjoy the rest of your day sweet friends. Sleep tight in your luxurious bungalow. Mr Worthington and I will see you tomorrow.

Love Rachel




Thought of the day:

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