Day Four

Sleep well?


I’m glad, because your scrubbed, polished and extremely relaxed body is about to have another amazing day. By now, the pampering and solitude has begun its magic. You are glowing and it’s not just because of that book you read on Day One IF you know what I mean.


You’ve got a look about you that oozes Freshness, and since you have spent so much time lazing about, Mr Worthington and I thought you’d probably like a bit more action.




Change into your swimmers, lovelies, and hurry.

Hurry. Hurry. Hurry.

Then when you’re dressed, head down the path and make a right. There’s someone we’d like to introduce you to.





Lovelies, meet Happy.





As you can see, Happy is a dolphin. He is a very happy dolphin and this morning you are going for a swim with him. See how happy he is? See how happy you are? SO MUCH HAPPY.








Breath-taking isn’t it?

I know.

I’ve been hanging out for Day Four because I secretly knew all along this is what we’d be doing.

Stay in the water with Happy for as long as you’d like, and when you’re ready to get out, Mr Worthington will be waiting to drive you somewhere.



In this.




This car is ours, lovelies. It belongs to all of us and although it’s probably best not to know how much I forked out for it, all that matters is that it makes you happy. Nothing says paradise like driving with the wind in your hair.



Wanna know where you are going?

Well, what is the one thing no decent get-away is without?

























You have a magical wallet in your pocket, by the way. If you look down at it and wink 3 times, it automatically refills. You might want to do this away from the eyes of onlookers though. Just a suggestion. We don’t want people thinking we are crazy or anything. That we’re just making all this stuff UP.


Anyway, you’re surely getting hungry by now and just as well because Mr Worthington has returned with this for you.




Apparently these cheeses are the finest in the world. Apparently when you eat them you can’t help but feel happy. But don’t eat too much lovelies, because tonight there is a surprise for you and you do NOT want to spoil your appetite, trust me.


When you are finished, follow Mr Worthington. The nice man will be escorting you back to your countryside retreat via helicopter. And friends, get excited. This day still has some paradise left for you yet.


When you land, head up to your room. Mr Worthington has laid something out for you.






It’s your evening dress, and it’s yours to keep. Not only handsome but he has IMPECCABLE taste, that Mr Worthington.


Get dressed, lovelies. Do your hair. Dab on some perfume. Slap on some lippie. Get pretty however you’d like to.



Ok, ready?


Head outside and you will see a trail of these.





Follow them.


Follow them until you find us.


We’ll be here waiting.










We’re here. All your favourite people.

Except for that guy with the hat on. I’m not sure who he is.


A perfect end to the perfect day.

Enjoy dinner lovelies,we’ll see you tomorrow, your very last day.


Love R and Mr W



Thought of the day:

5 Responses to “Day Four”

  1. Liza

    Oh that was sooooo nice! I loved my dress and almost cried when I saw all my favourite people eating, drinking and laughing in that amazing fairylight garden.

    R and Mr W….you are amazing…thank you so much!

    xxx L xxx

  2. Jennifer

    Love the dress!!! My second boy is now 6 months old and I can’t wait to feel normal and feminine again!


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