Day Five

So, sweet friends.


Today is the final day of your red tent retreat and in case you are feeling sad about that, I thought I’d let you in on a little secret.


This world never stops.

It’s always here for you. 


It’s magical, this world, but to see it you have to close your eyes.


The Worries will want to come too. They will nip at your side and crawl up your leg and push and barge until they can peer over your shoulder to catch a glimpse. But little do they know that there is nothing ACTUALLY THERE because this world can only be seen on the inside. And they can’t get inside The Inside. They can scratch the surface, they can bang on the door, but there is no going Inside unless you let them.



This is where you slept last night, friends.




After the amazing festivities of last night, you got a little bit full and stumbled across this bed which magically appeared out of nowhere. It wasn’t cold sleeping outside though. It was beautiful. The stars were bright and the distant sounds of people laughing and playing music at the dinner party lulled you into a peaceful sleep.


So, good morning.

Just so you know, you are ending this retreat in style.

Lovelies, brace yourselves. Here comes Mr Worthington.








He’s got one for you too. Aren’t you lucky? Saddle up, lovelies, you’re taking a ride.

Somewhere BEAUTIFUL.




















Magic, isn’t it?

I thought you’d like it.

Now, when you have had enough, just tell Mr Worthington and he’ll return the horse for you. You, my lovely, are staying on the beach. Because THIS is what awaits you.







And as an extra surprise, you get to invite one person to join you here. It could be your best friend. It could be your child, if you’ve missed them. It could be your husband if you’d like. We have put aside the rest of the afternoon on this final day for you to spend with them. Your most loved Loved One. And if you really can’t choose only one, then invite two, or three, or a hundred gazillion if that’s what you really want. Sometimes we can have a lot of most loved Loved Ones and we don’t want them to miss out.

And don’t worry about refreshments. They are currently on their way. Hand-delivered by Mr Worthington, of course.









Just another quick peek at the nice man because he will be leaving soon.





Enjoy your final afternoon in paradise my friends. Soak in every ray of sunshine. Drink up the freshness of the air. And while you are at it, Mr Worthington and I have one final surprise for you.


Tonight, your last night in paradise, you will be sleeping under the stars. And the best bit is that you get to choose where.



These are your options:

























There will be lots of shooting stars tonight, and we want your final moments to be spent looking up at this magical, twinkling sky contemplating how very lucky you are to have this world whenever you need it.







Say good-bye to Mr Worthington.

Even though he’s not going anywhere.

It’s all INSIDE remember?



Sleep tight my sweet friends. I have loved spending this entire week dreaming up dreams and living them with you. I hope you feel better and I hope your worries have gotten sick and tired of waiting for you to return.







Thought of the day:



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2 Responses to “Day Five”

  1. caitlinjm

    Thank you for the beautiful week Rachel! Some lovely pampering went on there and I will definetely be revisiting : ) x x x


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