A Joel Conversation

Okay, so things have gotten a whole lot of heavy around here. Time for a shift.

May I share with you a recent marital conversation.



Joel: You know, you have such a nice neck line.

Me: Huh?

Joel: Your jaw. It’s really defined.

Me: (Narrows eyes. Stares suspiciously.)

Joel: What? You do. You’re really pretty.

Me: Silent.

Joel: Silent.

Me: What do you want?

Joel: What? Nothing!

Me: Just tell me.

Joel: Why can’t I just give my lovely wife a compliment?

Me: My jaw is defined?

Joel: (Silent. Finally speaks.) I may have forgotten to tell you that I’m going to a bucks party tomorrow. And it’s at the coast. So I’ll be gone until Sunday. You’re really pretty.

Me: Silent. Staring.

Joel: Silent. Staring.

Me: Is this some kind of joke?

Joel: (Silent)

Me: It’s not a joke, is it?

Joel: (Silent)

Me: This is SO going on the blog.



Enjoy your day, my lovelies. Also, this.







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