It’s FIRE Day!


IT’S FIRE DAY! We have chairs! We’re gettin’ fancy!



I am a little concerned about how fast the weeks zip past me. Yesterday, I asked Joel why he wasn’t at aikido and he said, “Ah, because it’s Thursday”, to which I replied, “WHAT? Are you SURE? That means tomorrow is Fire Day!”. He stared at me blankly, like he always does, and asked nothing.



Anyway, no time to dwell on the passage of time, we’ve got things to share.



I am always, always floored when I discover things about someone which I never would have expected. We are so quick to sum people up, aren’t we? We are so quick to take one look at their Outsides and decide for ourselves who they are. A beautiful red tenter I know sent me this recently. Her contribution to our little Fire Day.

“Your post [Aren’t You Scared] was just so so utterly overwhelming, even though I don’t have the words to explain why I loved it so much and why it moved me. I didn’t have anything nearly as traumatic as that happen to me as a girl, but I grew up with an alcoholic father and I found just acknowledging it in my every day life and speaking up about it was the best medicine all around. Mostly because it raised awareness for people who really have no idea what some people are living with every day. Mum always said to me it’s good to know that we can never completely protect those we love from pain. I know it wasn’t easy for her to see me and my brother growing up like that.”



You just never really know, do you? The kind of past people carry around inside themselves. The kind of weight they may be carrying. Which is why I’ve decided upon two rules of entry into this tent of ours.


1. Be kind.

2. We are all in this together.


That is all.


Maybe we never really need more than that, anyway.


Also, sage insight Mum, about it being good to know that we can never completely protect the ones we love from pain. Good to know? Bad to know? Just that we know, I think. It’s bittersweet, this loving business. Thank you for your Tell, in this Show & Tell of ours, lovely! P.S. I miss you!



Here is a Show from another lovely red tenter. It’s one of her fav’s. So, it shall become one of our fav’s too. Friends, our new mantra.





To end Fire Day today, we are erecting a rather large projector in the gap between the chairs because we’ve got something real nice to play you. It’s a tiny little film. About one of our friends here in the tent. She does talented things and she does loving things, and this is how she finds a way to spread her heart all around the world. We need people like her here. We need them hard.


“Ask not what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman






As always, email me at to share in our Fire Day. I cannot tell you how much I love reading what you send. Your Insides are thrilling for us to get to know, no matter what stories, thoughts and passions they hold. Write to me. Don’t be shy. Nothing is too little. (Or too much). Apart from me, the rest of us won’t know your Outside You. It’s only your Insides we are interested in.


Image from here.

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