The New Family Addition

Every so often, you get a sense of the hands that hold your back upright. You get a sense that you are never quite out there, on your own, quivering on some flimsy old tree limb, thinking that if you just stay still enough it won’t snap. Though we spend a lot of our time immersed in the going-ons of our own mind, every so often, we become aware that a community surrounds us, even when we didn’t think we had one. The thoughts we have, like: How will I get through this? Why is there a wet towel on the floor? What am I really doing with my life? This can so NOT be made in 30 minutes, Jamie Oliver. Why do we not own a set of god-damn scales? get overshadowed by the feeling of hands on our backs and the chance to lessen the worries we have – big or small – when we realize that, like Mama T says, if we have no peace, it’s because we’ve forgotten that we belong to each other.


Thank you for being those hands for me. Every comment I receive, every email, every word of yours I’ve read, I drink in and savour like my morning coffee, and I realize that I’m not out on a broken old tree limb after all. None of us are. Not here. Burnt cakes or broken hearts, doesn’t matter. Hands are hands no matter what they’re holding up.



Sister On, Sisters.

(Yes, I actually just said that.)




On another note, we have a new addition to our family.




She never cries, this one. Hardly ever. She smiles and giggles and tries to hug and kiss you as best as her tiny hands and tiny lips know how. We are not sure where the other one’s gone and although we loved her too, Joel and I secretly love this one a bit more. Thank you to whichever one of you it was that snuck over to our place and did a little sneaky swapsies. So kind. Really.



Also, this.



Joel loves her more than me. I can tell. She arrives tomorrow. I am trying to learn what all the buttons do. We’ve officially upgraded, you guys. I’ll be drinking vodka before school drop-off and becoming the ring-leader of the soccer mum circuit before the year is over. (No offence to any current owners of SUV’s. I actually love them. LOVE them. Don’t tell Joel.) We have spent most of the weekend planning the 2013 camping trips we will be taking and getting just the littlest bit excited. This thing even has roof racks, you guys. Talk about fancy.





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