Banshee Tantrum

*** This was posted yesterday but it seems as though WordPress was having just as bad a day as me and decided to have a small scale breakdown as well ***


Dear Red Tenters,

Campers, travelers, escapers, relaxers, refuelers, retreaters, seekers, sisters, friends,


I’ve been swinging lately.

No, not that kind.



One minute I feel like this



and then suddenly I feel like this



or sometimes this



I’ve been hanging out with someone who’s got this you-know-I’m-the-boss-of-you-and-you’ll-do-as-I-say thing going on.


The noises that come from her mouth. Seriously.

I’m not entirely sure what a banshee actually is, but I can say almost definitely that Ella tantrums like one.


I’ve decided that some days, parenting is like getting pecked to death by relentless chickens.


I hope Joel doesn’t come home and ask what we got up to today.

I really hope he doesn’t.


Hang in there mamas. We’re on the homeward stretch.





Images from here and here and here

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