Seeking The Beauty

I have to say, there’s nothing quite as sobering as coming back from holidays to this.




In order to protect the privacy of those in my life, I can’t exactly name names. But I CAN tell you that my clothes are few in that lovely picture you see and even fewer are Ella’s. I can ALSO tell you that pile has been growing for well over a month. However, 2013, for me, is about Seeking The Beauty, so I would like to let you know that there are two pieces of beauty in this otherwise ghastly scene. First, I am privileged enough to live in a time and place where I don’t have to drop to my knees and scrub these garments by hand. There are many mamas past and present who simply didn’t and still don’t have that luxury. Second, according to some new lists I have made, I only do my and Ella’s washing from now on.



Seeking The Beauty, you guys.



Yesterday, our brown, sandy bodies arrived home. For seven days straight, we’d been engulfed by the possibilities of long, lazy days, 4pm gin and tonics and the plain good company of members of our village. Little bodies clutched onto strong arms when they got wet and didn’t want to. Pink sunsets glid over even pinker faces. Eager hands dug into wet sand and shrieks of new discovery rang sweet. Bare feet got dirty. Dolphins were spotted. Shells were collected. Books were read. Seafood was devoured. It was what many of us live for, really; moments plenty where mirrors are barely looked at, phones are rarely touched, and we live by the rules of our own simple pleasures.




































Though I try hard to appreciate the now, I must say, I can’t wait to whisper to Ella, “Let’s run along the beach! And chase seagulls! And collect shells!”, and have her little voice cheer back, while clumsy feet patter after me. Though newborns are angelic and sweet and pure, the more glimpses I see of Ella’s grown-up-ness, the more I love being a mum and the more excited I get to expose her to as much magic as possible. The older she gets, the younger I become, and there is nothing quite as sweet as seeing the world through the eyes of innocent wonder. There, the Small Things reside in abundance. There, nothing matters to me more than seeking out all the magic of the world and presenting it to her on my outstretched palm, watching her bright eyes widen in amazement and twinkle like they are jewels.


What a privilege it is, to be somebody’s mother.





Happy New Year, Red Tenters. May you spend your moments Seeking The Beauty, too.

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