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So, in case you haven’t noticed, blogging is the new black. Every woman and her cat are doing it. Especially if the woman and her cat are mothers. Some do it for money, some for an audience, some with the desire to simply share with friends and family. If there is one thing the world needs, it is not another mummy blogger. God, no.

Since I am a mummy blogger, and all too aware of this over-saturated market, it can sometimes make me question the effort I put into this tent of ours and what the future might hold for it. I dream of a huge community of women who not only show up here and are nice to one another, but whom are changed by it. Who get something out of it. Who go back to their partners, their children, their friends, their lives and who notice more, appreciate more, love more. I share photos to connect you all to what connects us all. The love we have for our family, the many layers of womanhood, and the small and tiny things which make us happy.

These are my big dreams.

But right now, as I sit here writing, I kind of know that it doesn’t really matter if one woman is affected like that or a thousand. One changed day is still a changed day. The truth is, I write because it’s therapy and I take photographs because it makes my life better. Combining the two continually makes me pay far more attention than I ever would to all those tiny, tiny things that, in the end, make up a life. I want to be inside my life. I want to see the individual eyelashes on Ella’s face and the way her hair glows like a halo in the morning light. I want the detail and beauty of it to catch my breath.



she kisses all loved things and iphones trump the lot


I want to notice just how green the blades of grass are after it’s been raining and how beautiful the droplets of water are that cling on. I want to take in all the beautiful things which surround me… all the silly things that make me happy like tea cups and patchwork quilts and cute red shoes and colourful hair clips. I have come to realize that I am happiest when these little things are noticed, documented, remembered.











best buddies

Which brings me to my next point.

While I fall victim to counting how many people have read each blog, and the rate at which it’s inch-by-inch growing, it’s the paying attention that keeps me coming here back over and over again. That is why I blog despite the world’s absolute un-need for it; because I sit here, looking back at photographs, putting to paper the thoughts and feelings I hold, and it makes me more present somehow. More aware. More grateful.


And I like that.





Friday Phone Dump (pretend it’s Friday)

The small things keepin’ me happy this week.

instagram dump 2

morning light :: etsy delivery and my newest love :: op shop treasures :: babies at my feet :: sweet escape date night :: sunday markets :: out with my girl :: morning coffee :: papababy love :: cheeky table sitting :: sweetest hair clips ever

These was taken using Instagram iPhone app and uploaded onto a collage using a photo editing program (I use Photoshop Elements). You can follow the red tent feed on Instagram here.

Have a great weekend friends, I’ll see you back here after my baby turns one.

8 Responses to “Mummy Bloggers”

  1. Melissa Spilsted

    Well I’m very glad that you are a mummy blogger. Your blog is thought provoking and also a regular reminder to appreciate the little things in life – that are actually the most important! Happy first birthday little hypnobub Ella! xxxx

    • Rachel Wiley

      I’ve been thinking of you so much Melissa. Thinking back to her birth and all the days before it I spent listening to your voice and getting in the zone and pretending you were there next to me. You were such a big part of the day we now celebrate as hers, and her day, now, will always make me think of you. It’s weird to say, but I can’t wait to birth another baby all over again. x

  2. caitlinjmc

    I love your blogging world, yours is the only blog i read! Congratulations on Ella’s 1st birthday, what a beautiful time for you all. ANd hey, Rach you take the most Gorgeous photo’s! x x x x x

  3. Victoria

    Thank you Rachel for you regular servings of mumma love and fun. I normally just read the email but thought I should comment so you know that your message is getting through! Hope the birthday celebrations went well – can’t wait to see your beautiful piccies of it!!

  4. ginapoet

    Sweet . . . thank you for the lovely writing, the lovely thought behind it, and the lovely photos . . .


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