Ella in ONEderland

“The most difficult path of birth is the year afterwards…the growing surges of your heart as it pushes out selfishness and fear and makes room for sacrifice and love.” Joy Kusek


It came and went.

Just like that.

When the clock struck 7, the moment labour began a year ago, I was hit with an onslaught of emotions I had not anticipated. A little awkward given I was at a hen’s party of a good friend who is getting married this Friday, but still. I couldn’t control it. I re-lived it all, in the privacy of my own mind and in the heart corners I hadn’t sat in for a long while. It was real and raw and tears poured because words could not. The next morning at 8:45, the time she was born, I held her like a desperate person; tight and fierce and full of too much emotion. I was, more or less, one big ball of hot, sappy mess.

But it was, as I always knew it would be, the perfect day.


Ella In ONEderland




























** haven’t I come a long way?…that is a six-layer cake, friends




































We let her run free and then we held her close. Just so she knew, you know. That we love her.



6 Responses to “Ella in ONEderland”

  1. dione

    Oh … Rach … would so loved to have been part of your celebrations. First birthday hits hard doesn’t it? Where has the time gone? Have we really taken it all in ?

    • Rachel Wiley

      It really hits hard. I was more of a mess than I thought I’d be. Move back home soon D so our babies can grow up together 🙂


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