The Red Tent Challenge

Hi Red Tenters. It’s crazy down here. We’ve been chasing down the sun trying to cram a few extra hours into each day because there is just so flipping much going on. Most exciting of all, in a few hours my girl and I are headed on a road trip up the coast. Our Amy, my just about oldest friend ever (in time, not age) is GETTING MARRIED. So, things will be a bit quiet in the tent for a few days while I don make-up, fluff up my hair and celebrate good, happy love.

Don’t you just love weddings?


I’ve also got some more exciting news.

I know. It’s too much.


We’re starting a challenge, you and I.

Taking photos is a recently new love of mine. It’s firstly a creative outlet, secondly a way to document my family’s life, and thirdly, a way to look more deeply for the beauty in life, only to find myself discovering it in more and more places. There are treasures everywhere, all over the place, and these little treasures, I can tell you now, they make one happy.

I’ve seen photo challenges floating around the internet before and the other night at 10pm when I couldn’t get to sleep, I decided we should do one too. A red tent one. I’ve also decided it has no rules, this little photo challenge, which I am quite relieved about. It’s just for fun, it’s just to be creative, and it’s just to pay attention to the beauty that laps at your feet, hoping desperately to get noticed.

BEST photo a day


As you can see, there is a theme each day in March. Grab your camera, your phone, your old retro Polaroid, whatever you’ve got, and that day, capture something which represents – to you – that theme. Then, show us. Post it to the Red Tent Facebook page. And if you don’t want to show us, show your own Facebook friends. Share the photo challenge on your personal Facebook page, or your business page, just for fun. Or Instagram. Have I told you I love Instagram? I do. Use the hashtag #redtentpad if sharing via IG so others can see your pics too.


I’ve just realized that redtentpad is probably not the best way to abbreviate “photo a day”.



Well, I hope you get behind a lens and get to Seeking The Beauty with me, and if it’s not your kind of thing, that’s okay too. We still love you.

* It starts this Friday *


Love Rachel.

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