It’s A Girl Thing

I haven’t been feeling it lately. And by ‘it’ I mean anything, really.

“Why don’t you go for a run?”, Joel says and I flash him a glance that stops any more ludicrous noise spilling from his mouth. Instead, I pick up a pair of scissors and cut myself a fringe. He stands there quietly and stares at me, and I can tell he is trying hard not to ask any further questions. “Just leave me be”, I say to him. “It’s a girl thing.”

He promptly leaves the room.


I’ve been, more or less, in a funk, I think the kids these days call it. (Thank you hormones, you can be going now). I’ve drunk more coffee than is strictly necessary and Ella has spent more time *playing quietly* than she probably should. It’s taken extra straining not only to peel myself out of bed each morning, but to find comfort in the little pleasures of my life. All I can notice is how much dirt there is everywhere and the other day when I was down on the ground playing with Ella, I was frightened by what I saw down there and told Joel that we need to find a cleaner immediately. I vowed never to venture down that low again. Things are growing down there, you guys. It’s like there’s different air or something.


However, I have learnt by now that there is nothing which gets me out of a funk quite like accessorizing does. So, when it hits, I dress cute. I do my hair pretty. I wear boots with heels because I like the clicking sound they make on the hard ground. I wear the earrings I pull out for emergency out-of-funk occasions. I buy yellow flowers and put them on the kitchen bench. Sometimes I steal one for my hair. I paint my toe nails bright red. I put extra effort into all the little things I know make me happy, even when not one teeny cell in my body can be bothered doing so.

Because afterwards, I’m de-funked. Not completely. But almost. Enough to see the small pleasures of my life a little more clearly.

Like — Sheppard’s pie on a cold rainy night, fresh sheets on the bed, local thrift shop treasures (I scored an awesome vintage skirt for 4 bucks), good music and humbly admitting “I need to rest.”

And when I catch glimpses of my new red skirt as I pass by the mirror, I think to myself, Yes, it is a good day.

It must be a girl thing.



Red Tent Photo-A-Day Challenge

photo a day first best

Day 1: Making Me Happy? Her. She married the man she loves. Just then, in fact.

Day 2:  Red. The cold is a comin.

Day 3: 7 pm. Baby sleeps and a mother swoons at the sight of such pure and blinding love, while exiting the room high-fiving the air that she won’t have to be a mother again until the morning. #thegreatparadoxofmotherhood

Day 4: Something Small. The first shoes she ever wore.

Day 5: New. Well, this is new. Coffee brought to me while I have not yet left the bed. Mama’s hardly slept. So she just told her baby that they’re having a shopping day. There are some situations in life that only retail therapy can manage.

Day 6: “Early in the morning, I’ll come calling, I’ll come calling after you. Darling if you answer, oh we’ll wander down the garden where it’s cool. Later we’d discover, all in covers, children silent as the stars. Early in the morning, in the morning, everything at once is ours.” James Vincent McMorrow. One of my favourite songs. Day 6: Morning.


It’s not too late to join in if you need de-funking, too. Click here to find out how.

2 Responses to “It’s A Girl Thing”

  1. MotherDownUnder

    Love the new red skirt!
    I do much the same when I am in a funk.
    Although I actually like cleaning and I often find that some good tunes and a good clean can lift my spirits! Especially when followed by a good bottle of wine!


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