Good News Bad News

I have this family tradition.

Growing up, every night at the dinner table, the Good News Bad News question would do the rounds. “So, what’s your good news bad news of the day?”, my mum would ask, since she was always the instigator of this tradition. Uggghhh, we would moan, especially as teenagers. I dunno, we’d shrug, determined to pass the spotlight along as swiftly as possible. She persisted though, my mother, every single night, because she knew long before we did that traditions are the very heart of families. The simple, small legacies that shape the way a family exists together are the things one remembers long after they are over.

Without much deliberate thought, Good News Bad News has continued in the new family I have built for myself. Actually that’s not entirely true. The Bad News segment has been scrapped. It’s been changed to Highlight Of The Day. There is a particular person, an eternal optimist in my new family, who prefers to emphasize only the good, and it is for this very reason that I love this particular person so very much. Nevertheless. Nevertheless. Sometimes a girl’s got to vent. Good News Bad News is about balance. It’s about reality. It’s about can-you-believe-this-freaking-well-happened-to-me-but-look-how-well-im-doing-by-listing-all-this-good-stuff.

So, without further ado, I bring you Good News Bad News: Melbourne Edition.


Good News

I arrived with Ella in tow sporting no headaches, no bruises, no aches and pains. The solo plane ride was a success. We grabbed our bags, dropped them at a friend’s house and jumped back out into the fresh, crisp air, absorbing every shred of vibrance the place offered us. We passed deli’s full of mouth-watering food. We ate lunch at quaint corner pubs. We walked up and down streets, passing old vintage shops and record stores and people from all walks of life. We passed little cottage homes with pretty flowers out front and I remembered how much I loved this city.












**The street messages were what I loved the most. The city was full of them.







Bad News

Two days into our trip, my phone (read: my lifeline) was stolen from my bag when we were shopping at the markets. Oh dear, it was bad news. It was terribly bad news. I had lost photos I’d loved and not backed up. I’d lost contact numbers. I’d lost the ability to work until I returned home. I’d lost the faith I hold for humanity which gives me hope that people are more good than they are bad. After a counselling session from Joel, however, I got my shit together and let it go. People have it far worse, I told myself. They really do.


Good News

Once Joel arrived, a cold front set in and we rugged up (which I love), went exploring (which I love), drank a little beer or two (which I also love), and ate until we couldn’t eat anymore (which I love the most).









Bad News

The first night in, Ella had developed a killer cold and as a result woke me at 10pm, 11pm, 12 pm, 1 am, 2 am and so on and so forth. Somewhere mid-early-morning I lost my marbles all over the bedroom floor and my mama cool was replaced by deep, hot wrath. It was directed towards Joel, as it usually is, which is lucky for Ella, not so lucky for him.

(No photos to accompany this, unfortunately.)


Good News

It was Joel’s birthday while we were away, and we celebrated in style and had a heap of fun doing so. Nothing says happy birthday like a trip to the zoo.












*You guys, a butterfly landed right on my head. Talk about Good News of the day.









Bad News

Ella peed on our friends’ bed. So mama bought flowers and made Ella write a sorry note. It was actually kind of funny, in the end.





And because all Good News Bad News should end with a positive spin, this happened, friends. Perhaps the good-est good news of all.

I snuck away.

And I shopped.






The red tent is going into hibernation for a week or so because I’m flying to Perth on Thursday for the wedding of some dear friends. We are juggling some serious balls over here right now. Things just got a whole lot busier.

Have a wonderful week, red tenters.

I’ll miss you so.


12 Responses to “Good News Bad News”

  1. museconfuse

    This is a lovely tradition to keep..I think you’ll appreciate it when your kids are older because you know how teens don’t like talking much – it’ll keep communication open for sure 🙂 I love the photos and Melbourne looks lovely. I have a really good friend who lives there and she’s always telling me what a great city it is.

    • Rachel Wiley

      It’s a fabulous city. I’d live there if it weren’t for the weather…rains a bit too much for me. But if you get a chance, you should definitely visit!

      • museconfuse

        Does it really? Well I bet it can’t be as rainy as Vancouver! It can go 30 days of grey skies and drizzly rain straight. Beautiful city too! I love Vancouver, lived there for nearly 10 years.

  2. NatandDan

    What great pics of Melbourne! I had the chance to fly there last year for a girls weekend but unfortuneately had to cancel last minute when I discovered I was pregnant with twins… Can’t wait to get there one day. Loving your family tradition! I think it’s a great way to teach kids (& adults alike) to appreciate the good in each day and talk together as a family.

    • Rachel Wiley

      Hey Nat, such a shame you missed your girls weekend there! Maybe you can take your own girls there for a shopping extravaganza when they are older? (You have twin girls, don’t you?) Do be sure to take your credit card though, my god there are so many beautiful things.

  3. Melissa Spilsted

    I love reading your blog. I feel like I’ve just had a little get-away in my favourite city (love, love, love Melbourne) – kids and all! Enjoy Perth, get well Ella, damn you scummy market thief, and love your attitude Joel and may the butterflys continue to kiss your beautiful head, Rach. 🙂 Melissa xxx

    • Rachel Wiley

      Aww, you’ve just given me the warm and fuzzies. Thanks Melissa 🙂 And Melbourne’s my fav city too. I could live there in a heartbeat. xx

    • Rachel Wiley

      Hey lovely, sorry for my slack response! I’ve had a heap of travel on and I’m only just getting myself settled back. I’m honored to be nominated, thank you! And I will do my very best to get involved as soon as my life is sorted! x


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