Faith The Fear

You guys, I heard this really brilliant thing on the radio the other day. While I was listening, I rummaged around for a pen and something to write on so I wouldn’t forget it, and I found the back of a post slip. This turned out to be an extra bonus because I remembered I had to pick up a parcel from the post office which had been sitting there for two weeks. Honestly, life admin is the pits. How one remembers to do all the big and little and out of the way things I’ll never know.

Anyway, I recently heard this guy talking on the radio about hardship. This guy, he was born with no arms and no legs, and through a grueling childhood of depression and suicidal thoughts, he eventually found a greater purpose to his life, wrote a book, and inspired thousands around the world by his story. What I loved most was this. He talked about fear being the biggest barrier to greatness and describes fear as False Evidence Appearing Real. I love that. He then said that faith is the thing which overcomes that fear. Faith. Full Assurance In The Heart, he said. Faith, to me, is a funny word. One that I’ve never really liked. It has religious connotations which, to me, suggest we don’t have great enough strength inside our own selves to conquer our hardships. That we need to turn ourselves over to a higher power. God, namely. To me, it suggests we are passive players in the game. To me, faith means “just sit there and believe in God, since we are nothing without God. God’s got it sorted. Sor-ted.” I loved this guy’s description of faith. Full Assurance In The Heart. Faith can be because of God, yes. But it can also be as simple as having confidence in your own heart that things are okay, that things will be forever okay because you have the power to make them that way.

Hold that thought.

You guys, right now mushroom risotto is bubbling on the stove. Incense is wafting through the house. The very spotless clean house. A cup of tea rests to the right of the computer and I am writing. I spent a good chunk of the day purging. I’ve thrown out crap we don’t use, cleaned in corners that haven’t seen the light of day in months. I’ve moved furniture and opened windows. I’ve put pretty decorative things out on tables I forgot I had. Honestly, you’d hardly recognize the place.

But listen, you know why I’m sitting here among all this domestic glory?

Because I faithed the fear.













You see, I’ve been scared for a long time. About my house. There are things growing in this house which should not grow. On those horrible occasions I’ve had to get down to floor level to, say, pick up a book I’ve accidentally dropped, I’ve jammed my eyes tight in fear. I don’t know how it happens because I swear I cleaned last month. This fear paralyzes me because I have discovered in life, that the minute one starts to clean, the minute one realizes how much there is to clean. It’s terrifying. Just depressing. Do you know how many good books there are out there? Lots, you guys. LOTS. I simply don’t have the time to clean.

This morning though, I couldn’t hide from it anymore because I tried to find a good place to read but everything was either covered with dried food or dirty clothes. Sheer Fear. I started to panic. And I realized I had no choice. I told myself I had to faith the fear. I had to get down on the horrifying floor level and destroy the demons who had infiltrated my reading areas. So, I summoned my faith. Full Assurance In The Heart I had, because I’ve learned that I am a strong, capable woman. A superwoman, really. Hear me roar. That kind of thing. I marched head-on towards my home and I Cleaned. Note the capital C. I also Rearranged. Note the capital R.








best find ever














We can do anything, us women, when we just faith the fear.






Have a happy weekend red tenters.

Wishing you a whole lotta love.







Also, my daughter eats raw pumpkin. It’s really weird.



2 Responses to “Faith The Fear”

  1. Jennifer Butler Basile

    I love the words he’s used to turn FEAR and FAITH into acronyms, especially fear, I think, because I often give too much credence to it, but if it’s only false evidence . . .

    As far as faith and God – yes, I can do all things through God who strengthens me, but that doesn’t necessarily discount the ‘me’, for He has wondrously made all of us. He’s made us to be these amazingly complex, talented, dynamic creatures – He wants us to use all that. Just my take . . .

    Love the post. And the house looks fabulous! You may inspire me to clean mine!

    • Rachel Wiley

      Great words aren’t they? His book is called Life Without Limits if you want to read more. P.S. The clean house lasted all of 6 hours, but they were blissful hours nonetheless! Happy cleaning xo


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