Give a girl a list and she’s gonna want to start crossin’ things off it. We’re wrapping up the Red Tent week in mini bucket list style. The little happy goals I set out to conquer this week were more fun that I anticipated and it’s definitely a tradition I’m keeping around for a while.

Some highlights.


Spa Day





Candles were flickering, oils were burning, music was playing. I sat a very excited girl down on her special chair and pulled out a whole array of nail polishes for her to choose from. Bright red was picked — the girl has taste — and as I painted each tiny individual toenail she sat still like a stunned mullet, looking up at me periodically as if to say oh mum, this is the coolest thing EVER. As I was sitting there on the floor at her feet, I thanked every god I could think of for giving me a girl.





Ella even brushed her teeth which was immensely exciting. That girl would brush her teeth all day if we let her. We really went all out.






Baking Treats & Devouring With Friend

We took a little road trip yesterday, Ella and I, out to visit my friend Joanne who lives in a quaint little country town. Before we left, I baked something new not in the slightest, but I decided that my bucket list can be open to flexibility. Jo cooked all sorts of yummy treats for us since she’s a goddess like that and I bought some flowers on the way because I decided we ought to stick to our strengths. I’m good at spending money. She’s good at hosting. Sold.






Cinnamon tea cake. Seriously amazing. And we drank from proper cups which everyone knows makes tea taste so much better.

Our girls had a tea party too and they loved it.













Duck Pond Morning


Mornings at the duck pond are always the perfect way to start the day, especially since the duck pond is five minutes from our coffee shop. Perfect combo.





As soon as Ella sees the ducks, her eyes light up like the sun and Joel and I look at each other smiling. Within that smile is a secret language. I say, How beautiful is she? He says, I know Rach, I love her so much. I say, Can you believe we made her? He says, I can’t. I can’t even believe it.






In keeping with the listy theme of today’s post, I have two matters of List Business I have been meaning and neglecting to attend to.

Please someone sound the drum roll.

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award twice from two lovely separate bloggers. Thank you Jennifer from Chopping Potatoes and Renate from 2craftand2create for nominating this here tent of ours! The Liebster Award is given to new bloggers (those with under 200 followers) by another blogger who deems the aforementioned bloggers to be up-and-comers and “ones to watch.” The rules for the Liebster Award are as follows:

1.List 11 Random Facts about myself
2.Answer 11 questions that Lovely Nominator wrote for me
3.Pass the torch by nominating 11 bloggers
4.Create 11 questions for my nominees
5.Display the Liebster Award logo

liebster blog 1

liebster blog 2

So here goes. 11 Random Facts

  1.  I nearly drowned when I was four but my mum pulled my drowning body out of a rip via my hair.
  2. The ticking of a clock drives me absolutely insane when I’m trying to fall asleep. No clocks allowed in the bedroom.
  3.  After watching action movies with people getting killed in them, sometimes I can have sporadic thoughts over the next few days about how you could murder someone and get away with it. I then immediately freak myself out and vow to never watch an action movie again.
  4. I hate stopping for petrol. Hate it.
  5. I always wish I had a sister.
  6. When I met Joel in Nepal, he had bought a bracelet for me as a welcome gift. He put it on my wrist in the back of the taxi on the way from the airport and it was in that moment that I knew I loved him.
  7. I’d like three children.
  8. The reason Ella’s middle name is Grace is because the psychic we visited when we were pregnant and scared told us she had been talking a bit with Ella after she was born and since we couldn’t think of a middle name, Ella wanted us to know she liked Grace. It was a name she had in a previous life when she and I knew each other. So Grace it is. Weird, I know. We’re weird like that.
  9. Sometimes, one day I can feel like the most unloveable person on the planet. Like if anyone knew how awful I was I’d be alone forever. The next day I can be so full of confidence and self-assurance I’m confused as to why I’m not running the world yet. Of course people love me, I think. Well of course they do.  I have since learned it’s wise to attach to neither voice as gospel.
  10. I backed my last car into a fence almost two years ago and I still haven’t got the ding fixed.
  11. When people say “What’s your favourite-” I never know how to answer them properly because I don’t often have favourite things. I like heaps of stuff, different stuff, depending on the day, my mood, the time, how much I’ve slept, etc. This fact may make some of the answers to the Lovely Nominators’ questions a bit challenging but I’ll try my best not to panic in indecisive fear.

And now…Renate’s questions and my answers.
1. What is your favorite animal and why? Yikes. A ‘favourite’ first up. I’m sweating. I don’t have a favourite. Sorry. I do like cats though because they don’t tend to require much. A bit of food, a bit of warmth and the rest they can sort out on their own.
2. Describe the room you blog in. Well, it’s the first room people enter when they visit our home. It’s light and airy with big windows begging to be flung open. It’s the one room of our house which is perpetually clean-ish because I also work from this room. Behind my desk, where I write, there is a massage table and rows of herbs and boxes of acupuncture needles and a big box of tissues. The tissues are used regularly. It’s my space, this room. I love being in here.
3. I have another blog Do you? What is it? Nope. Only this one.
4. What is your Chinese star sign? Um, I’m not entirely sure, but I was born in the year of the rat, if that’s what you’re asking? Not a fan of being a rat, really.
5. Did you have a favorite cuddly toy and what was its name? No, weirdly, I don’t remember any cuddly toys from my childhood. I have two older brothers. I think I probably had no time to cuddle toys. I spent most of my time trying not to get killed by them.
6. When you are not busy with your blog what do you like to do? Photograph my family. Read books away from my family. Scour second-hand shops. Dress up cute. Go on road trips. Make my daughter laugh. You know, the little things.
7. What would a special day for you look like? No children. No Joel. Spending the morning writing. Getting my hair done at lunch. Maybe a massage. Meeting girlfriends for dinner. Sipping wine. Coming home and writing. No children. No Joel.
8. What is the best/nicest/mot interesting country you have travelled to? Nepal. Best, nicest and most interesting.
9. Name your favorite museum or gallery? I’m not so arty, sorry. Does the library count?
10. Which magazines do you read? The only magazines I read are the glossy ones at the check out line of the supermarket, perusing long enough to catch the latest Hollywood goss, but not too long that I’ll get busted for not buying it.
11. What is your favorite fairytale? Oh God. Um, Cinderella?

Jennifer’s questions and my answers:

  1. Why did you start your blog? Because I was pregnant, isolated and a little bit scared.
  2. What’s your grandest dream? To have a gazillion children, okay maybe just 3, and to be living off fresh bread and sunshine in our farm animal country abode. To write and photograph all day long wearing stripes and paisley and cute red gumboots.
  3. What’s your favorite color? I’m sweating. More F bombs. At the moment, mustard yellow, but I’m also digging red.
  4. Name the favorite room in your home and why. At the moment, our lounge room because we’ve set up a mini tepee in there with a whole heap of fairy lights and it’s so cozy I could go to bed in it.
  5. What’s your favorite word?  Okay, two – I know it’s hard to choose. Um, I can’t say I have a favourite word. I like saying “chippies”. As in “hot chippes”. I also like hearing the word “mama” spill from my daughter’s mouth. Actually, yeah, that’s my favourite word. Mama.
  6. What do you put off in order to write? Um, everything? Don’t even ask, I say to Joel when he comes home sometimes, as if I’ve spent the day in domestic chaos rather than in front of my computer writing. Don’t tell him that though. A girl needs her secrets.
  7. What do you do instead of writing? Reading. Reading and writing go together for me. I don’t think you can truly appreciate one without the other.
  8. Where’s your favorite spot to write? At my desk, in my ‘office’ which is generally child free and Joel free. There’s a door. People know to knock.
  9. Have you ever been to Spain? No I haven’t.
  10. What’s the last meal you cooked? Pumpkin and mushroom risotto.
  11. What’s the last song that got stuck in your head? Can’t Hold Us. It’s been in there for about a week now. I can’t get rid of it.

So there you have it. Thank you so much for my award Jennifer and Renate. And to keep the Liebster torch going, I would like to nominate bloggers who are also fellow Red Tenters. I’m always up for helping a sister out.

So…here they are. Other blogs to check out by our Red Tent sisters.

Motherhood Is An Art

Life As I Know It


The Hour Of Soft Light

F Words

Here are your 11 questions:

  1. If you had one day left to live what would you do?
  2. If money or practicalities were not factors, where would you most love to live?
  3. What was the last book you read?
  4. What are you wearing?
  5. What is a typical Saturday like at your place?
  6. What are three things that make you happy?
  7. Name one quote you love.
  8. What was the last meal you ate?
  9. If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be and why?
  10. What can you not live without?
  11. What is one thing you’d love to improve on?


And seeing as though this is possibly the longest post in history, I’m signing off with a Friday phone dump and wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

17 may 117 may 2


(@theredtent if you want to follow the IG feed)


Happy Friday!



4 Responses to “List-Crossing”

  1. Jenna

    Ella has the cutest toes- I am not sure Lila would hold still for a painting sesh, but I’ve been wanting to paint each piglet since she turned one 🙂 Is that an Amber teething necklace she has on? I just got one for Lila, do you think they work?

    • Rachel Wiley

      You might be surprised, I didn’t think Ella would sit still either but she was transfixed! It is an amber teething necklace. Ella has had it on since about 4 months. It’s hard to know if they work because we’ve never really taken it off to compare. She only had one really bad bout of teething when her molars came through, but apart from that it’s been relatively smooth sailing. I’m always of the belief that it can’t hurt to try. And they look cute too 🙂


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