Wonder Woman Times Three

And we’re winding down the Red Tent week with a few remarkable and extremely noteworthy achievements. My mama loving has been truly tried and tested this week. With Ella teething badly, she’s so whiny she has to be physically wrapped around my neck 24/7, or touching me somehow, or within a 30 centimeter radius. If not, there are horrific meltdowns. Tears so loud I’m sure the mamas in Saudi Arabia would stop for a sec, listen, and say with relief, “Nope, not mine.” I’m grabbing ten minutes of peace here and there which mostly means I flash Joel a look which reads get out of bed and take her from me right now or  you WILL DIE. He takes her into another room. I lie in bed and pull the covers over my head. Ten minutes later, she’s wailing so bad I can’t stand it anymore. He passes her to me. She stops. Repeat.

Which brings me to my next point. Want the satisfaction of feeling all adventurous-go-get-’em without really having to go get ’em? (Um, yeah.) Make a bucket list of very doable things and then go do them. Cross them off your list with a big fat red marker so you feel like Wonder Woman right here in unwashed-clothed, button-pushed Parentville.

Eat dinner straight out of the cooking pot. Check.
Brush teeth with banana flavoured kid’s toothpaste. Check.
Do a crappy job painting toenails and don’t bother to clean up the smudges. Check, check.

Woohoo, look at me! My bucket list is gettin’ ticked! I’m so productive I’m practically Wonder Woman AND Mother Teresa AND Oprah all in one!

Can I just say though, Drink Tea Out Of Special Cup, is number one on my bucket list and I reach this goal about four times a day. I think I’m just a high achiever. I’m aware you may feel inferior in comparison — I’m sorry. It’s just the way I was born.




The Red Tent Friday Photo Dump — my small happy things of the week.  (@theredtent on Instagram if you want to follow the feed.)

May 30 130 may 2fav cup tea drinking :: dance party ::  reading books in the tepee ::  pickin chillies ::  backyard sunset watching ::  walking…i’m LOVING the walking ::  moon gazing :: flower markets

The sky is finally clear after days of rain. The windows are flung open and we are venturing outside more and more, even if that means down to the coffee shop in jammies. Yes, that happened this morning. Slippers and all. Right now, I have a little girl clinging and crawling her way to my lap and I’m softening the drive to do all the things I want to do so I can love her a little harder during this time. This is the holy work of motherhood after all. Service, love and the unrelenting nurturing of small people who just need their mamas.

So friends, I gotta go.

Now go and write a completely doable bucket list, tick it off and tell me all about it. I’ll publish a few in the next post. Eating ice cream in bed is totally appropriate. Commendable, really.

Happy Friday!


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