The Small and Happies

Bringing back the return of the small, happy things – a post which always makes me feel good.

The bucket beside my bed has been replaced with a vase full of flowers and I feel so relieved to be at the tail end of a long, miserable road that I could squeal like a tween if I really, really wanted to. At night, I sit cross-legged on the couch with a cup of tea in my hands, actually LISTENING to Joel tell me about his day and LAUGHING at the stories he tells. I’ve also been COOKING for us all, and I don’t want to give all you lovely people heart attacks but I even did two loads of washing yesterday. I know. I KNOW. 

The fog has lifted and I can finally love on the two people in front of me, taking little steps back to notice just how much good surrounds me.


Garden afternoons… _MG_7530 We’re pretty-ing up the place and this one’s not too shy about getting her hands in the dirt and helping. It’s been so long since I’ve potted plants and tended to a garden and I realized how much I missed it. _MG_7527



_MG_7546*Note the name of our house


Sunlight in the nook…

At just the right time of day, coincidentally the time Ella goes down for her day sleep, the light which streams into my reading nook is utter magic. It dances on the walls and ceiling, little fairy lights sprayed in all directions. It makes me happy.


Watching her love on babies and dolls…

It’s the most recent thing. She carries them everywhere tucked under her arm and kisses them frequently just so they know she still loves them. “Bay-bee? Bay-bee?” she says as she passes her baby to me and I’ve learned the rule is that you have to kiss the baby too, then quickly hand her back. Ella is the mama and ain’t nobody gonna be taking a mama’s baby now.


_MG_7475 She puts them to bed several times a day, saying with great concern, “Shhh. Shhhhhhhhhh”, for fear I may – heaven forbid – wake the sleeping dolly up. I would not dare. _MG_7518



House Pretty-ing…

There’s nothing better than being at the other end of a big, giant move. I’m gradually making my way through the few boxes left and loving stumbling across things I forgot we had — things with a story behind them, things which remind me of somebody I care about, pretty things which need to be out in the world, making us happy.

_MG_7467Hand-made love tiles from my friend Caitlin, sent all the way from New Zealand.


One of my all time favourite quotes from one of my all time favourite books. Given to us by my lovely friend Deb. We read parts of this poem at Ella’s Naming Day so it has special significance for us.


Flowers in vases. That’s happy right there. Especially when the vase was one of my best ever op-shop scores. You know I always wanted to have flowers in my kitchen when I grew up. 



Seriously, I had to. “Bub-bool? Bub-bool?” These kinds of things – the development of new words – need to be celebrated. And with her cutesy little voice, how can I say no? Yesterday, I wrote out a list of all the words she can clearly say and I nearly fell off my chair. The rate she’s developing is astounding and sometimes I look at her and understand how mamas still refer to their grown up children as their babies. I get it now.

Afternoon walks…

We set off excitedly


…and we end up here.




Our happy place. No matter how rough a day it’s been, as soon as we hit that sand, everything is okay again.








And lastly…



This, I’m really starting to enjoy and I have to pinch myself when I realize we are lucky enough to get to do this all over again. A tiny little person to love. That new baby smell. The mind-blowing miracle that my body is making that amazing person you get at the end….it’s all just so ridiculously happy-making.


Also, look what I managed to snap.


Turns out she must have read my last post after all. Good Shivasana pose honey, although maybe try closing your eyes, just for a minute – or thirty.

And happy 18 months, beautiful girl. I love you to the beach and back.


Happy Wednesday, friends. What are you enjoying?

6 Responses to “The Small and Happies”

  1. Jane

    We had a special day, driving up the coast to share a birthday lunch with Megan. Extra bonus for us to cuddle baby Isobel for two hours. Love your post today. X X

  2. Jenna

    Glad to hear that things are looking up- you are feeling well and that you guys are getting settled into your new place! Your bump is really cute 🙂


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