What, You Too? I Thought I Was The Only One.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” -CS Lewis

(Thanks Jenna for the quote.)

So you know that time I decided to fly overseas to spend a holiday with someone I had gotten to know through the blog but only spent five hours in real life with? Someone who turned up at my doorstep a stranger but left as someone I loved? Well, I don’t mean to alarm you all with my excitement but the day has arrived. TOMORROW I’M FLYING ON A GREAT BIG PLANE OVER A GREAT BIG SEA TO SEE HER.

It’s all so random and all so – well, beautiful, that I can’t quite contain myself. It is just like that CS Lewis quote, and it made me realize that the measure of close and deep friendships do not always need to stem from long histories, but simply by those few words, “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” This is the hallmark of female connection  – female connection at its best – and the friendships I have come to love fiercely, the ones I can relax into, are always, always the ones where we expose ourselves instead of what label we’re wearing, where we dined, where we live, or what social or corporate ladder we’re climbing.

So when I meet women I experience these kinds of friendships with, I treat them with importance. I acknowledge that they are rare and precious. I fly 2000 kilometers to be in them and to grow them. And tomorrow, that is exactly what I’m doing. You guys, it’s just so exciting. You get it, right?

Joel comes along on these kinds of adventures because, well, he’s an adventurer. Besides, there’s great surf where Caitlin lives. Caitlin’s partner is a mad keen surfer too, and Caitlin recently sent me this message: “Matt says to tell Joel that he has a 6 foot round nose fish, and a 6’4 Al Merric he can choose from to borrow.”

Yes, exactly, say what now?

So, while they can bond over talk of board types and swell and point breaks, I have no doubt that fourth and fifth cups of teas will be brewed. Caitlin and I will sit in front of a cracking fire and dive into each others’ hearts and pick up where we left off. We will swim in the ocean and cook delicious food and I might even learn how to make ceramic pottery things since she is an artist and knows how to make things out of all that clay stuff. We will talk and drink tea. We will drink tea and talk. Did I mention that already? It’s still cold there at the moment and I can’t wait to rug up in blankets and sit in her quaint little house on acres of property doing just that.

I hope to jump on the net every now and again to bring you all along with me. We all need holidays, even if they are virtual. Besides, I have a strong suspicion that if you knew Caitlin, you’d want to be her friend too. She’s pretty swag, yo, like the young kids would say. So I’ll share her with you, through this tent of ours, but only because I’m incredibly kind. I’m not good with sharing people, you know. Consider yourselves very special.

See you soon, from a quaint little old town in New Zealand.


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