Summer, Judy Garland & Yes, The Word ‘Hark’

It all started with the ding-a-ling-ling of the ice cream man driving through our neighbourhood. The first bells of the season. I grabbed some money and ran barefoot down the street waving to our neighbours on my way. Mango splice – our favourite. I bought a big box and walked back home slowly, feeling such joy over this simple thing.

It wasn’t the ice blocks. No. It was the family I was about to share them with and the sudden feeling of summer and the neighbourhood we lived in. It was the silly season that seems to have already filled the sky somehow and the baby in my belly and this time of year I love so much. It was one of those moments that always strikes me out of the blue. The one where I feel completely high on life. The one that makes me want to high-kick it all the way up the street and shout from my megaphone Stop Everything! Come Look At This Beauty! Aren’t You Just So HAPPY?

And just for the record, I’m calling a minute’s silence. Please.

For Judy Garland.

I’m not sure if the ice cream man is to blame, but the first Christmas song of the year may have just perhaps made its sweet little way into our home and honestly, it was a spiritual experience.

So silence, please. For all things merry (hell yeah, I just said merry).

Hark! to be following shortly.


My Right Now things which are making me happy.


Daddies and Babies in Pools




When the weather gets hot enough, we jump in the car and hightail it to Joel’s parents house, aka The Resort. It was the first swim since winter ended and it marked the official beginning of summer. For me, anyway.





There were squeals and wide-eyed excitement when Joel dived under the water and suddenly sprung up again. She splashed and laughed and she held on tight when the water got too deep because, you know, big strong daddies will always protect her.











Summer Storms

Tonight, a big storm front pounded our rooftops. We ran around closing windows and as I shouted, “Ella! The rain! We’re having a storm!”, she clapped and said yay! although I’m sure she didn’t know what I was talking about. We lit candles all the same — to make it extra cozy — and settled in on the couch to watch Peppa Peg. As you do in storms, obviously.







Flower Planting

Before it’s even 7am, we are in our backyard, the three of us. We’re usually sipping coffee while Ella drags her red wagon around, chasing the cat and picking cherry tomatoes off our vine. Sometimes, when we’re feeling extra adventurous, we garden.

Well, Joel gardens. I sit sipping coffee.









I watch him with her and I can tell this simple thing – digging holes and planting flowers with her – is like his ice cream man moment. He asks her where they should plant the next pot and he tells her all about the soil and then he looks up at me and says, Rach. Next time you’re on itsy or etsy or whatever that thing is, can you get her a watering can? She needs a gardening set.

And I smile at his love and say, Yes. I can definitely do that. 







Ice Creams

From the ice-cream man.

We eat them and we are happy.







And when I see ice cream melting down chins? I’m even more happy.







Three hours later she has a sugar crash and turns feral. But still, happy summery days are not complete without ice creams.



Signing off tonight with a quote pulled from my Favourite File.

red tent 69


Wishing you a warm, cozy night. And a whole heap of right-now happy things.





See you back here soon.


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