A Cup of Earl Grey

Joel took Ella out with him yesterday so I could do a few things at home. Ten minutes after he left, I accidentally fell asleep and didn’t wake up until my phone rang an hour and a half later. Perhaps it was a good indication that we did a lot this weekend or, I don’t know, that maybe there’s a nearly full term child living inside my body who sucks a little blood flow. Either way, I realize with full-force that I’m reaching the end.




Even looking at these photos, taken by my gorgeous friend Kate from Kate Veronica Photography a couple of weeks ago, I realize my boy has almost doubled in size since then.



















I’ve been pushing on despite the fatigue lapping at my bones because this month is so full of excitement for us, but I know I need to take the time to listen to my body and balance up with down, out with in. Where pine cones don’t have to be spray painted right this minute. Where emails can wait. Where eggs on toast is fine for dinner. Where movies and popcorn are the height of our activities. Where I can rest and dream and savour the pace of my little family before we become four.






I want this last month to be an easing-in. I want it to feel like sipping a cup of earl grey tea, not slamming back a double shot espresso. So, for every party attended, we’ve had quiet nights in.









For every face painted and castle jumped on, we’ve snuggled under covers and read Beatrix Potter.















_MG_3297Love her crazy dance





And for every late night we’ve had, a long sleep-in has always been on the cards the next day.




Which brings me to one of the highlights of our Christmas Countdown  so far  —  Our first annual Pajama Lights Night.



Take a few cups of hot cocoa, some freshly bathed and jammied bodies and bundle them into the car for a night of light exploring.








Ella fell asleep ten minutes after we pulled out of the drive, but once we hit our first destination she was all eyes and pointy fingers and scurrying feet and “Liiiiiiiights!”.



















We gushed over reindeers and Santa and snowmen and the millions of lights which twinkled before us, and on the way home, she listed every Christmas word she knew, including her newest “baby deesus”.

Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year?












Happy Tuesday, friends. Put down your espresso and come sip tea with me, too. It’s much better that way.  Just writing this post, just reviewing my favorite important little moments these past few days has helped me reprioritize.  Little pleasures should never get lost in the shuffle of big important routines.  They are what’s big and important because they fuel everything else.

Tuesday high-five. May the rest of your week be big and important.


6 Responses to “A Cup of Earl Grey”

  1. Jennifer Butler Basile

    A cup of Earl Grey – what a wonderful metaphor for a well-intentioned life. Blessings to your lovely little family and the many more great moments to come!

  2. lovefromtara

    cute! when I have kids I hope i’m at least half the mum you are 🙂 merry Christmas!


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