Holiday Freak Flag

High kick. Cart-wheel. Hands-in-the-air twirl.

We are so close to our official summer holidays that this morning, I even cleaned the house in anticipation. The fridge is stocked with fizzy water (SUCH a treat for a pregnant woman) and mangoes and corn for barbecue-ing and when we hear Joel’s motorbike pull into our driveway tomorrow afternoon, we’ll light sparklers and officially raise our holiday freak flags.

(Not that being on holidays really means much when you have kids, but it does mean that Joel can wash the dishes and change Ella’s nappy more than, oh I don’t know, hardly ever, which is totally exciting.)

As much as this has always been my place to get away and feed the good wolf, the pull of my computer is not a pull that registers too high on my radar this time of year. The balance of living Life and documenting Life is most definitely off kilter right now and while there are so many moments, so many thoughts, so many pockets of inspiration which make me want to run and capture them to share here, so much Life keeps lapping at our feet and I’m compelled to dive in and savour it all.















_MG_3555Her Santa Comfort Zone – in Daddy’s arms only and a good ten feet away.

There are four days left until Christmas. Four days left of the December Spectacular we’ve created and loved. Four days left to put up our Reindeer Runway and pop popcorn and watch Hallmark Christmas classics and go caroling and see the last of our local Christmas light displays.

And with fresh sheets, mopped floors, and a flower-flooded kitchen, it’s the perfect place to launch from.




Happy Friday. Happy Weekending. Go light a sparkler. I promise it’ll make you happy, too.


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2 Responses to “Holiday Freak Flag”

  1. whatthemom

    Your pics are always amazing. I love those two clips in your little one’s hair. Fizzy water is great – even when not preggers!


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