Christmas Eve

Only a few words today. It’s all stock piling right now and I am resting within the centre of my family, enjoying the Christmasy things I love so much. It’s a tricky balance  – being part of my moments and also capturing them in photos  – and I’m learning how to let go of creating the perfect composition and lighting and camera settings to see the details of what I’m capturing. Her smile. The way he is looking at her. The life she is witnessing. And the moments surrounding me.

Some holiday moments from the past few days:

We took our girl caroling and although she enjoyed the baby animals far more, we did manage to get a few songs in before she got over tired, had a full-scale meltdown and had to be bundled home.











We made our annual Reindeer Runway a couple days ago. These reindeer need a landing strip, after all.














We met with friends on Christmas eve eve and went on a walking adventure to visit our last Christmas light display of the year. Hills are so not cool when you’re eight months pregnant, but when we got there, it was worth every puff of breath I endured.










Family. We’ve been watching Christmas movies and reading Christmas stories and enjoying the fresh beginning of our summer holidays together.





And friends, with that, I’m pulling you through this computer screen and wishing you the merriest of Christmases. When once this blog space was merely a way for me to outsource the ecstasy and agony of being a new mum to a teeny baby, it has now become a place of real connection for me. I have made in-the-flesh friends through this tent of ours and through the wonderful world of social media and so to those I know in real life, and those I don’t, thank you for being here with me. And for those of you for whom this time of year brings up unpleasant feelings and experiences, you’re in my thoughts, too.

Merry Christmas eve – my most favourite night of the year. May your home be filled with great big love tonight and tomorrow, and for always.

Enjoy making some treasured memories.



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