Holy Smokes.

What a Kissmiss (as Ella says).

And just so you know, it’s still officially playing out around these parts. Today, we arrived back home after three days at the beach. We dropped our bags at the front door, flopped on the couch and took one look at all the decorations still up around us as Ella shrieked, “Santa! Coming!”. 

Remnants of wrapping paper still float on the floor, fairy lights still twinkle, and paper snowflakes still flutter in our hallway as the breeze passes through. And we will linger in this cocoon of red and green and glitter for as long as we can. Which is to say, until Joel finally says, Ah Rach? Really. It’s time to cut the Christmas Cord. 

Christmas Eve. My favourite night of the year.


My mum is German, so for us, Christmas Eve has always been a big, huge deal. Christmas Eve is the night of magic – when we play carols, share a dinner feast, open presents, and stay up late. It’s the night we grab our torches and go on Santa Sightings and light sparklers and try our hardest to spot reindeers flying through the sky. It’s the night we, as kids, heard bells ringing once the sun went down and rushed outside – giddy like crazy – to catch glimpses of sleighs, or elves, or anything that belonged to this glorious world of wonder.

Now I have children of my own, I get to recreate all those memories with a full, bursting heart.

And I am fully aware of the price they are worth.









This year, of course, was my favourite.

This year, we spent a couple of hours before going to mum and dad’s place preparing for Santa’s arrival. And those couple of hours? They were magic.





We had individual trays for each of the reindeers because, like everyone knows, Comet is terribly gluten intolerant and Dasher only eats nuts. Plus, Rudolph needs an extra helping of glitter to make his nose extra shiny.




And as we returned home from mum and dad’s, thoroughly over-fed and content, Joel went to bed and I took in those last peaceful moments of things in place. Of the eve of Christmas being just as I imagined. I sat there, under the glow of fairy lights, exhausted but entirely filled with gratitude.

Because I was lucky enough to have a little girl asleep in her bed who made Christmas more wonderful than I have ever experienced it.







Joel and I were up long before Ella on Christmas Day and I relished the slow pace of lighting candles, putting on Nat King Cole and brewing coffee before it all began. Because when she woke, we used every ounce of ourselves to expose her to as much magic as possible. And in the glances Joel and I passed each other while watching it all play out was an unspoken language. Did you see her face? How cool is this? How lucky are we?












And now, we sink a little further into this cocoon of family and holidays, and we spend these last couple of weeks preparing for the new life about to arrive into our waiting and outstretched arms.

I love being pregnant at Christmas.

And because everything is better with music, I’ve made a video of our Christmas memories. Short and sweet. And it makes me happy every time I watch it.

Happy holiday season to you and you and you. I’ll be popping back in a couple of days to wrap up the year.

Stay safe.


2 Responses to “Kissmiss”

  1. Jennifer Butler Basile

    Beautiful! You’ve given your readers the best Christmas gift possible: showing what it looks like to be fully present and aware of the myriad blessings of our own little universe. I hope to follow your lead!


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