Sprinkling Babies

So I’m not going to launch into a dramatic spiel about the heat wave which has hit and how freaking ridiculous it is, because we all know that the only thing more dull than talking about the weather is complaining about the weather. Which has been – I’m not sure if I mentioned – freaking ridiculous. I won’t tell you how I’ve been lying half dead on the couch with frozen face washers stuck to my belly. Or how Joel just has to look at me the wrong way and I burst into a ball of flames, crankier than I might ever have been in all my life.

Nope. No I will not.

I will instead move onto more lovely things, like cake. And girlfriends. And itty bitty blue things. And the combining of all three in a very late, very low-key baby sprinkle for a much-anticipated little boy.


First and second pregnancy experiences for me, like most people, have been very different. With the first, I would clock every week as a milestone reached, reading about eyelashes formed and when sounds can be heard, while with the second I’ve been lucky to remember which week I was up to.  With the first, anything remotely resembling food items on the FORBIDDEN TO EAT list were side-stepped, while with the second I’ve eaten ham (it was CHRISTMAS) and other gasp-worthy food types.

Still, what I believe should never differ is the amount in which babies are honoured. New life is new life, no matter which order they arrive. So, although this time around there were no delicate cupcakes and gorgeous tea sets and pretty tablecloths, there were a handful of women gathered in my lounge room, sipping punch and eating pizza and writing wishes and messages to this new life, laughing about what I should be doing with a tiny penis (point it DOWN, point it DOWN).

Last night, we showered him with the celebration he deserves. And there was a little pretty thrown in, too. Just for good measure.



























Right now, I’m sitting in the middle of my lounge room floor, among strewn wrapping paper and tiny baby clothes and empty punch glasses. I’m hot, and more than a little bothered, but most of all, I am happy.



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