That Time We Went To Ikea

When Joel and I haven’t fought in awhile, we like to go to Ikea.


Ikea does something to a man’s testosterone, much like it does something to a woman’s credit card. Neither of which make for a happy marriage. Still, I will have you know that I walked straight past the kitchen section, and straight past bedding, by far two out of three of my most significant Ikea pitfalls. At Kids, I faltered, and even Ella sensed trouble.


“Look at these blankets!” I gushed to Joel. “And this sheet set!” I turned to look at him. “Do you think Ella needs this swinging chair in her bedroom?” His eyes went a little scary, like they do sometimes when, well, when we go to Ikea. He stared all starey at me and said – a little too curtly if you ask me – “I’ll meet you in the bathroom section”. Oh right, bathroom. The reason we came here in the first place. That really boring section nobody likes except for the cute storage containers they have.

“Won’t be long”, I said, and he walked off.

With my new found freedom, I took a quick sweep through, a bit giddy on Ikea fumes, and to my great pride and credit I put in that sweet little trolley only TWO ITEMS. Two items out of the whole entire Ikea Store Spectacular – one for my baby girl and one for my baby boy. Both under $5.

Some might call me an Ikea Warrior.

I scurried off to Bathroom.


Turns out watching Joel measure stuff is so not as fun as the kids section.


Still, we were being supportive. And totally will-powered. (Yes, that’s a word.)

Because you guys, Ikea is unsafe. Never go there with a man, and if you do, keep your hands busy so they don’t keep snatching stuff off the shelves which this man you are with tells you you don’t need. Take photos if you must, just stay busy. My new Ikea mantra.





Wrapping up the week with some Friday favourites.

Fave photos:

She likes emptying the crayon jar just to put the crayons back in more than she likes using the crayons themselves.




Hallway Bowling: Stack pins upright. Wind blows over. Re-stack. Repeat ten times. Give up.



Shopping centre treats.




Her newest obsession – kicking Baby out of cot and zipping herself in.


Fave book: We Need to Talk About Kevin, by Lionel Shriver. Probably not the best subject material for a due-any-day pregnant woman since it’s about the story of a mother dealing with the aftermath of her son mass-murdering a bunch of his peers at school, but I honestly can’t stop thinking about it. Such a grossly beautiful and well written dissection of motherhood. If you want to read it, send me your mailing address and I’ll post my copy to you. It’s captivating.

Fave song: Home, by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Can’t get enough of it this week. Find it here and play it loud, friends.

Fave article: (Excuse the language) Eight guaranteed ways to f–k up your kids: A psychologist shares her DON’T list for raising happy, secure little people. You can read it here.


And ending with a little Friday Photo Dump – my fave Instagram happies – theredtent on IG if you want to follow the feed.

31 jan first31 jan second

AND DON’T FORGET: Our 28 Favourite Days Photo Challenge is starting tomorrow! Capturing one small happy thing each day for the 28 days of February one little favourite thing about the day you’re in. If you missed the details, read the 28 Favourite Days post here. It’s super easy — come join us!


Have a fab weekend finding your small happies and sharing them with us. A little girl has just woken up so I’m off to scoop her up and snuggle with her in a freshly sheeted bed with a big cup of cocoa. It’s grey and overcast today. Total snuggle weather. And about that thing we are not talking about? Nope. He’s a stubborn little fox, this one.

6 Responses to “That Time We Went To Ikea”

  1. hypnobirth1

    Oh my goodness – I laughed so hard when I read this blog. It is SO true. Ikea and Bunnings, two places that I have a complete love/hate relationship with. lol xx

  2. Jenna

    I call IKEA ‘fight zone’ when I go there with my significant other…it really is THAT dangerous.
    Working on a package for that stubborn little fox 🙂 And I’d like to read that book…as dark as it sounds!

    • The Red Tent

      It’s an awesome read – just for the writing style alone. And thank you for your little package sweet friend. What a lucky stubborn fox 🙂


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