Our Baby Boy

I’m just going to start typing, because you have to start somewhere.

Our baby boy – still to be named – landed into his dad’s outstretched arms around 5:45 on Tuesday morning. Right now, he is resting on my chest, his soft nose nestling into that nook of my neck reserved only for my babies, and feeling him there is a force of such pure love it’s almost painful. I can’t go into details just yet. I’m one big hot mess of emotion and stringing sentences together feels impossible. I know words will come. I will find a space over the next few days to sit down with a candle, Bon Iver and my full, aching heart and tell his story — all I remember of that epic, wild and at times hilarious night. But for now, photos. Moments of the past two days I can’t look at without weeping.


rach birth-6

rach birth-2

rach birth-4

rach birth-9

birth shot

That last picture? Completely breaks me. The first time I saw it, I sat with my head in my hands and sobbed.



We are home, settling into the new rhythm of our lives, learning him and basking in the million little moments I know I will look back upon and cry over. The moments which now define us as a family.  

Watching my daughter meet her brother was hands down, one of the happiest moments of my life.

First staring. Just captivated staring.


Then this.


And then this.


Joel and I looked at each other, tears spilling from our eyes, saying nothing. We couldn’t. It was just understood.



And now I have nothing at all in my life that means more to me than staring at these three people before me, wondering how on earth I ever came to be so lucky.

He is home.

And it feels as though he has always belonged here. Right in our arms. Right in our hearts. Gripping on tight.




12 Responses to “Our Baby Boy”

  1. Taryn

    Congratulations Rachel. What a beautiful family you have! Isn’t the sibling love amazing? Charlotte also fell in love with her baby sister when she was born, which only made me fall in love with Charlotte all over again. Hope you’re doing well!

    • The Red Tent

      Congratulations to you too! 2 girls! Well done mama 🙂 Sibling love is incredible, it literally makes a knot form in my throat. We’re still having some transition adjustments though. For all the love, there is still a lot of challenges! So much to write about 🙂

  2. Rhonda

    I am reading this and feeling and seeing the love that is radiating from the pages. I am also thinking about the first time you told me you were pregnant and how scared you were. Rachael these photos and blogs confirm what I knew all along you and Joel are fantastic loving parents.x


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