The Common Threads

Well, goodness.

I’ve been so busy catching up on the Oscars washing that I hadn’t the time to script a nice little blog post. I do, however, have these.

Cue cute pictures.



There’s this quote I love.

“In the tapestry of childhood, what stands out is not the splashy, blow-out trips to Disneyland but the common threads that run throughout and repeat: the family dinners, nature walks, reading together at bedtime, Saturday morning pancakes.” Kim John Payne.

It’s true of course. Of the little rituals we repeat day in day out – the slices of joy we find within the millions of moments of our ordinary days – I understand more and more that they are the things which will always stand out. The simple act of taking daily walks through our neighborhood I so love – I always feel like I am right in the middle of something memorable.




On Wednesday, as we spent the morning scouting out muddy puddles to jump in, I looked down at these two little bodies I was responsible for…these two tiny people who belonged to me, for just this small moment in time, and I felt so – I don’t know – large. Like I was a real grown up. I felt honored and proud.





Yesterday we declared a much-needed Family Day. Our edges are frayed, Joel’s and mine, and though there were a million other things we needed to be doing, we decided all those things could just wait. Even though I’m all about the common threads, I also love a spontaneous day off where we pack up bags and yell, Everybody in the car! 

We drove to the mountains – where the countryside is thick with good air and a whole heap of cows. Ella loves cows.




I spent a good chunk of the drive up looking at the sky and I decided that from now on, I’m going to spend a lot more of my time with my eyes up there. Let’s do that friends. Let’s make it our March thing. It gave me this sense like, I don’t know, there are still some things left which are un-googeable. It’s magnitude made me feel inspired. I felt part of something bigger, and always when I feel that, my right-now problems seem a little silly.


Some pics of the day –











_MG_6950For any locals with children, we went on the Maleny Dairy Farm Tour which is great for kids. You can feed all the baby animals, look for chicken eggs, and enjoy a heap of taste testing at the end – the custard is amaaaaazing.

It was lovely, our little road trip and even though it ended in us stopped on the side of the highway at the emergency stopping bay with a screaming baby for an hour with Ella simultaneously crying, “Daddy! Sore bum! Sore BUM, DADDY”, we try to roll with these kind of punches now. Me trying to get up a burp from a very windy baby (I’m like the burp ninja these days…Billy’s a really windy baby and I’ve had my fair share of tears already over relentless crying for hours on end. I can’t stand seeing him in so much pain,) and Joel dealing with overflowing nappies and sore bums and rummaging around the car for something to feed everyone. It was ridiculous, really, the whole scene, but this is life now. Joel and I sit in the middle of it all just looking at each other like are you SEEING this? and it feels strangely nice.

Leaving you with a quick Friday photo dump (it’s been ages!) and the very exciting news that the lovely Bec is back on Monday to share with us another post she’s written. Cue high kick. Yahoo!

Friday Photo Dump – My Small Happies

march 7 firstmarch 7 secondmarch 7 third

Happy weekending! See you back here Monday.

2 Responses to “The Common Threads”

  1. Kali

    Wonderful Rach, I’m in with looking up at the sky more…bit of perspective on everything and it is always very beautiful! xx


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