Autumn Bucket List

So autumn came. And we got really excited.

As we do.

Quilts and blankets were pulled from their cupboards and thrown over couches, flung over beds. Just the mere sight of them there, waiting to be used, being all “hey there, things are about to get co-sy” was enough to get me all high. Sunrise lingered that little bit longer and the cooler, darker mornings teased us with their lure of jumpers, crisp morning walks, coffee by lamp light and morning family snuggle fests in socked-feet and messy, tousled bed hair.








And then, autumn went away.

As it does.

Our resident humidity threw us all back into the throes of singlets, swear words, sweat and swimming. But  I will have you know that I’m like a ninja when it comes to season differentiation. And summer, if you wanna play that game, well, I see you and I raise you ten.


We found a beautiful few trees nestled in a little nook of our neighbourhood that were shedding their leaves like proper trees should. Carpets of autumn lay beneath our feet and we rummaged through the crunchy leaves picking out the best ones we could find. Because, autumn, we are summoning you.

With crafts, obviously.





And a little redecorating. because I’m a firm believer that every season change needs a revamp. Spring cleaning ain’t just for spring.





And the surprise of the sweetest beanies handmade by my mama who knitted some for both the babies. Ella’s even got a red pair of woollen slippers on the way. Ruby Red Shoes inspired. Whenever we get to the page with the picture of her cupboard full of red shoes, Ella wants them ‘out’ and wants them ‘mon’.



And the ordering of the cutest damn boots you ever did see.


At which point I’d like to make an official welcoming of my children into the glorious world of moccasins. A little family of moccs. As you can imagine, Joel is most unimpressed. Something about being “one of those mothers” but I couldn’t hear him above my rapidly rising glee. I was one finger click away from ordering him a pair, too. (A special thank you to my American friend Jenna aka cute-American-things mule.  I order said cute-American thing. Cute-American-thing gets shipped to her house. She ships cute-American-thing to my house. Cute-American-thing which does not have international shipping available makes its way across a sweet old sea and DOES GET SHIPPED INTERNATIONALLY, thank you very much.)

We’re totally ready for the cold to come on down.


And in anticipation, I’ve thrown a sweet little autumn bucket list together. Because falling leaves and jumper weather needs to be celebrated.

Our Autumn Bucket List

  • Make a beach nature journal
  • Go on a wildlife scavenger hunt
  • Lay tons of blankets outside one night and look at stars
  • Backyard fire and toasted marshmallow night with our neighbours
  • Jump in piles of leaves
  • Mountain walk
  • Teepee movie night in our lounge room
  • Make homemade pizza
  • Make an outside coop for our chickens
  • Look up and try some new soup recipes
  • Take a road trip somewhere we don’t know where we’re going
  • Pretend camping in the backyard – make a little fire, set up our tent and all sleep together
  • Have an autumn craft day
  • Make a nature crown for Ella and me
  • Ask mum to knit Billy a cute woollen jumper
  • Find a great winter coat
  • Buy some cute green and white striped tights for Ella
  • Eumundi markets one weekend
  • Take a country getaway – somewhere with a fireplace 

This weekend, we’ll be ticking that last bucket list request off our sheets. The house we’ve been working on is almost done and Joel and I are almost ready to kill each other. So, we’re taking a week off, heading to the country and immersing ourselves in uninterrupted family time, something I’ve been waiting for since I stepped out of that hospital carrying a tiny newborn in my arms.

So take that, summer. You can hit us all you want, but we are so getting our cold on. And in the meantime, we’re squeezin’ out the last bites of you in all your ice-block eating, no-clothes-wearing, pool-party glory because, after all, we bring to life what we don’t have, and celebrate what we do.









And my boy. The perks of having an older sister, buddy. You’ll thank me one day. Probably when you’re – oh I don’t know – sixteen.







Happy Hump Day, friends.  What’s on your autumn bucket list?

8 Responses to “Autumn Bucket List”

  1. Nat

    I love the start of a new season and the welcome change it brings. Although I hate the cold, autumn is such a lovely season. I’m pinching a few things from your bucket list to do, plus I’m going to make my mum’s devine pumpkin scones she used to make when I was little. I have a feeling my girls are going to love them! They’re just reaching the age now where they can start getting involved in things like this. Loving it!

    • The Red Tent

      It gets more and more fun the older they get, doesn’t it? I would love the recipe for your mum’s pumpkin scones – would you mind sharing? You can email me if it’s easier. Warm scones with a cup of tea is totally autumn xx

      • Nat

        Of course Rach! I’ve googled a few recipes but will have to get it from her when she’s back from holidays soon and will email it through. 😊

  2. Jenna

    At least I’m a ‘cute’ mule 🙂 Ella is quite the multi-tasker…playing in the water AND drinking it!


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