Life Lately

Life lately has been challenging. My always-good-at-night baby has been waking every hour, every thirty minutes some nights, and Ella – since Billy was born – has been waking 2-3 times each night as well. A couple nights back, I did an all-nighter bar two lots of 40 minute naps. We are working through this time as best we can, and as quickly as Joel and I are to snap at each other, we just as quickly forgive one another because we know we have to be rocks for each other right now. These days right here are the guts and blood of our relationship, testing everything we have and share with one another. It’s not shiny or pretty, but it’s something real to me. We’re working hard to keep each other afloat while our kids try to take us down. A quick hug. Coffee made. Long debriefs about what we should do. Sleep articles emailed. Fridge restocked with wine.

In the end, it’s the tiniest things that both destroy a marriage and restore it. I’m glad it’s him I’m doing this life with.

Not many words today. Just some pictures of the past couple of days pulled from my camera which have made me happy.







The fun that is Tummy Time. “Rolling, Mummy?” she asks. “Sure, sweetie”, I say, and on his tummy he goes. I’m loving watching their relationship unfold.






Cute slippers. One tiny pair from Crazy Clarks. Another my mum knitted for a Ruby Red Shoes-crazed girl.



Loving on Ella’s chickens and making their home cozier.














Daddies doing their girl’s hair. Gets me every time.




Afternoon tea on benches. I’m a bench-sitter. She is too.




And then looking out the window to see Molly and Ruby in Daddy’s chili bush which Ella thinks is hilarious because they’re not allowed there but I let them anyway because they love it.




Gardening dates.










Freshly squeezed juices.



And big juice mustaches.



And ending with a little Friday Phone Dump (because it’s been ages and let’s just err on the side of wild and pretend it’s Friday).


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Have a sweet day, friends. Love from my family to yours.


2 Responses to “Life Lately”

  1. The Moon is a Naked Banana

    These photos are absolutely stunning. They really capture the fleeting moments of childhood. That’s what living is all about. I think the trick is to look at each good moment as an accomplishment to be proud of. These are the things you’ll remember – not the sleepless nights hopefully!


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