Joel and Ella went camping together this weekend. I stayed home with Billy because the thought of being all together in a little tent getting woken by a baby who wakes up crying four or five times a night didn’t really sound all that fun. I stayed home with him, working hard on some sleep training stuff we’ve started (earmuffs non-sleep training mummies!). I’ll write down my little adventure with that in another post sometime. I know some of you on Instagram have been interested.


My house has never been so beautiful. It’s also never been so quiet. The silence was utterly amazing. Honestly, I could have messaged Joel and told him to stay another night. But then it started to feel a bit deafening, and I got a flash of my kids all grown up and gone, me pottering around in a house that, sure, was pretty but longing for the sound of children laughing and books being read and playground mummeeeee? trailing off in her signature high-pitched infliction at the end. And I gotta say, I did not like it one little bit. I like a cozy nest, but I’ll take childhood and mess over it again and again until my gig is up and it’s time for them to spread their wings and fly.

Speaking of nests, though. I thought I’d show you mine since some of you have been asking to see the inside of my house.

Actually that’s not true.

No one asked me that.

But I’m going to show you anyway because YOU GUYS, all the rooms here are tidy at once. Actually, that’s a fib too. Joel’s “office” is a no-camera zone because it’s, like, the fiercest, most vicious opposite to tidy you’ve ever imagined. And he told me long ago I wasn’t allowed to take photos of his mess and post it on a blog.

He’s such a party killer.

Welcome inside, friends. Here’s our shabby little home.

(And sorry but they’re all iPhone pics – my good camera is on sabbatical.)


This is our front entrance, the weird built-in verandah nobody ever knows what to do with. Avert your eyes from the brown lino. And the grey carpet. I’m still coming to terms with the flooring in this place.


I’ll use this as the time I admit I have a home redecorating problem which I blame entirely on my star sign. This is the latest revamp – our IG wall – printed via Printstagram which I highly recommend if you’re into creating shrines around the place. Really user-friendly, good quality printing and not too expensive.


Fairy doors? Best kept up high. Like, absolutely out of reach. And ditch any little pots of glitter you might have next to them. Learned that the hard way.  That blue thing above the fairy door is a Turkish protection thing. Joel bought it for me when we were in Turkey to ‘protect’ me once I returned home and he stayed overseas. In all the homes I’ve lived in since, I always put this at the front door. It’s something I will keep forever.


To the left of the really impractical indoor verandah entrance is this little play area for Ella. This is usually where unhomed things end up though, like vacuum cleaners and lost shoes and boxes that haven’t made it down to the recycle bin.


Through that way is Joel’s office. It used to be where I had my home massage and acupuncture studio but with two kids that has been put on hold for a bit. What Joel does in that room I’m not sure but I can barely see the floor so he must be very busy.


Our bedroom is off to the left just before the doorway to Joel’s office. No doors on most of the rooms in our house, though. It’s a bit left-wing like that. We have to put up hanging curtains and bits of material everywhere.


By “our bedroom”, I mean mine and Billy’s, of course. Until we sort his sleeping patterns out, he’s in with me so Joel can get some sleep before he leaves for work each day and has to stick acupuncture needles in people. Best not to be sleep-deprived for that, really. Nobody likes a negligence law suit.

Down the hallway and first left is Ella’s bedroom (opposite ours).



She’s still in a cot and will likely be until her feet hang out the end and she asks us if she can start shaving her legs because no thank you to kids who can get out of their own beds and walk around these NO DOOR HOUSES (the end of her room backs onto that front verandah thing in a no-door kind of way). I’m juggling enough sleeping balls over here. Not sure if I mentioned that.

At the end of the hallway is where the most life happens.




This is my favourite space in the house, filled with so many loved things –Katie Daisy prints that make me feel happy, thrifted goodies, that teepee we read and watch movies in, the fairy lights that shine, and the sun which floods in from the windows. We have dance parties in this room. We wrestle in this room. We jump off couches and squeal in this room. This is the room I will remember when we eventually move on from this house, such are the memories made here.



And The Window. The one which adjoins our neighbour’s house, so close we could shake hands with each other. The one we pass beer and forgotten water bottles and ice creams through.



The door off our lounge room is Billy’s room – turned ironing and junk room for now. Every house has gotta have one, right?


And this is our kitchen, off our lounge room.





It’s small and poky, has no doors on many of the cupboards (are you picking up a common theme here, anyone?) and it’s a little on the falling apart side. But still I love it’s coziness. The window ledge is where we display our latest shell collections and flower pickings and even though stuff goes falling off there and smashes to the ground outside all the time, we do it anyway.

And lastly, off the kitchen and lounge room is another ridiculously impractical room we use as a crafty area/sewing space/pantry because the kitchen is so small we can’t store any of our food in there! Bathroom at the end.




So that’s home.

Happy day you guys. Hope you had a wonderful long weekend.

5 Responses to “Home”

  1. Nat

    Thanks for sharing Rach – I love being able to have a sneak peek into other people’s houses. Yours looks so cosy and eclectic – you’ve turned a house into a gorgeous family home. And I can totally relate to Joel’s office – sounds exactly like Daniel’s where his ‘filing system’ is the floor. Glad to say that’s now downstairs along with his thousands of power tools. 😊

    • The Red Tent

      What is it with men and mess? Not all men, but most! And yep, we’ve got a power tool situation too which is luckily downstairs as well!

  2. Jenna

    Super cute Rach, love the tiny details that make it so unique! Also love how bright it seems!


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