Snow And Other Happy Things

Well hi there ladies. (And also you few men that snuck in. It’s nice to have you with us but remember, this is women’s ground. Please just pop yourself in a corner and don’t say much. And that cake being passed around? You can’t have any. I’m sorry. It’s just that it’s never good to get in the way of women and their cake.)

Friends, we are wrapping up the week with some cute pictures today. Every now and again I have nothing to talk about except for the sweetness of my little boy’s smile, or how awesome it is to hear Ella sing ‘the wheels on the bus’ in her extremely high-pitched voice from the backseat of the car. This is about as deep as I get some days, so I’m grabbing a few favourite photos from my camera and slapping them up to declare a ‘let’s find all the good we can’ day and have it carry us into our weekends.

Small things, big love. Who’s with me?


Winter has hit with full force. Well, for Brisbane. We have been celebrating in great big style because although I don’t love the cold, I love the chance to carry on like we’re having a ‘season’ and do winter-y type things to show our respects.

Behold, making campfires in the backyard, lighting sparklers and toasting marshmallows in our pj’s.



_MG_1605If you want to earn yourself a few ‘best mum ever’ points, let them stay up late, eat, like, more than three marshmallows, and have them go to bed without brushing their teeth. And do it two nights in a row. Honestly, I was hit for days.



Behold, snow.


Fake snow, but still – we’ll take it!


Now folks, I’ll have you know that building snowmen is not as easy as you’d think. Firstly, they are not like sandcastles. You don’t fill a bucket, tip it over, tap a few times and voila. No, these men are ball shaped. And there were no ball shaped buckets around. Bare hands, freezing ice – you get the picture. Behind each of these photos was a man who will remained unnamed laughing at my snowman attempts, which ended, I’m sorry to say, like this.

_MG_1739That carrot? I was not a fan of the carrot. I’d finally rolled the head into a perfect head-shaped ball, stuck it on Mr Snowman’s body, carefully tried to swivel the carrot in, which then caused massive structure problems and Mr Snowman’s face fell off. More laughing. More glaring.


It’s an art, is all I’m saying, which quickly escalated into a snowball fight, and I would have thrown my entire bucket of snow at Joel had he not been holding my very expensive and loved camera.


It was stacks of fun, and if you’re a local, the snow festival is being held at the Brisbane Riverstage – get yourselves along.



_MG_1743We even took the train in  – a major cause of excitement around these parts, earning us an extra gazillion totally awesome parent points.



We had an early dinner out, bundled two tired babies back home in the dark, ate ice cream together in a very hot bath and concluded that it was one of the best days we’ve had in ages.

More happy things…

New scooters and Playground, Daddy! and one proud father, taking his girl down to the park on her new wheels like he’s been waiting his whole life for it.





Wednesdays. Wednesdays are the day we erect an imaginary red tent, bring out some cheese and cake, find whoever is floating around the place, gush over each other’s kids, discuss whose mother-in-law in being particularly annoying, and swap secrets about our husbands. Wednesday’s are sacred days. I cherish them like, well, like cheese and cake.




“Can you believe we’re all mums now?” someone will say. And we’ll reply, “Crazy. It’s just so crazy.”


It’s crazy because we became friends long ago, these women of mine. All our husbands went to school together, and years ago we were each introduced to one another, hanging off the arms of our boyfriends, wondering if we could avoid the boring chit-chat of meeting new people and escape early. In an amazing strike of luck, we all clicked like long-lost friends and now we are friends in our own right, away from our husbands. And our babies are growing up together so, really, it’s the most wonderful thing.




They don’t like getting their photo taken though, these babies of ours, but we persevere. One kid upset, another trying to comfort him, the others most likely wondering when they can eat cake, and Billy about to topple over. But hey, we try, because every kid needs a mama-razzi they can call their own.




Lastly, how fun is the red tent photo challenge? Thanks for playing along! We’re a third of the way in and I’ve loved seeing little snippets of your days and lives.



Here’s my first third so far.



It’s not too late to join our photo challenge, so pick up your camera/phone and start snapping. Upload your pictures to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #redtentphotochallenge so we can all see you playing along.

And some of my favourites of yours:


Have a fabulous weekend, friends. Leaving you with a Friday Photo Dump (theredtent on Instagram if you want to follow the feed) and a great big weekend cartwheel.

Love, me.



P.S. Molly and Ruby have started laying eggs and Billy is (mostly) sleeping through the night now, so it’s been a terribly exciting week! See you back here soon!




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