Ten Things

I’ve been sitting here pecking at the backspace key because I was writing all about how stressed I am with two children dripping from me all day and HOW IN THE HECK ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO GET ANYTHING DONE but it was a little on the edgy side what with all the shouty capitals. And then I kept pecking because I started to tell you about that time Billy vomited all over me and the ground and a dear lady’s shoe in the grocery check out line and peckity peck peck because it hardly distinguishes me from any other suburban mother doing her time and HELLO I HEREBY INTERRUPT THIS POST WITH SOME REALLY CUTE PHOTOS.


Because the days are long but the years are short and though I’m tired as all hell, I am raising my trumpet and declaring a complete and utter shake down to all things merry. Because there is plenty merry, and y’all need to jump on that bandwagon, while I hereby present my ten happy things list.

10. Dora band-aids


May we take a minute’s silence to honour the smart so very smart person who invented Dora band-aids. $1.80, friends and a whole fifteen minutes worth of utter intrigue, concentration, silence and rapture. Fifteen minutes! That’s like two hours in mother time!


I would have let her use every band-aid in the box if she’d wanted, but she decided two was enough, thank you very much, because my little love is a creature of balance and careful consideration and not too much mummy.

9. Slow-cookers


Sweet mother Mary, slow-cookers are the holy appliances of all appliances. May we ignore how strikingly clean mine is and focus just for one hot second on the fact that one doesn’t really need to COOK but rather chuck stuff IN uncooked, and it somehow, miraculously, becomes this delicious and hot and cooked dinner, all while you’re out playing with your kids? It’s nothing short of a holy miracle.  Another minute’s silence. Please. We are in sacred ground, here.

8. Thrifting



Last Friday, Billy turned on me and as I was driving round town, trying to get him to sleep without any luck, I gave up and ducked into an op shop I passed. A random little one I never go to. I had half an hour before I had to pick Ella up from kindy, and I was feeling pretty stroppy that I’d had to deal with a cheeky baby all day. Then lo and behold. This, friends. THIS. Do you know how hard it is to find quilts like this? Hard. Do you know that it is in all the colours I wanted in a quilt like this? It is. And you guys, the thrift shop was having a 50% off everything sale and -as if it wasn’t cheap enough – it was $4!! Oh my bloody goodness, I know.


He was forgiven instantly, this little boy of mine.

7. Solids 



He’s not far off six months, this one, and he’s a big, hungry boy so we’ve begun solids which is as exciting for him as it is for me.


There’s something I love so much about roasting up veggies and mashing them up and new little milestones being reached and exploring new, different things.

He loves food.




6. French braids.

Now folks, I don’t want to make you feel inadequate, like maybe you’re failing at this motherhood thing. But the cats out the bag. I am THE French Braid go-to girl.


I know, it’s totally amazing. This is only my second ever attempt to braid and I’ve basically nailed it. You all can write in and ask for tips if you really have to. But I’m a very busy woman, what with all the French-braiding I have to do.

6. Post-French-braid curls.


Seriously sweet.


Have I told you how much I love having a girl? I love it. It rocks.

5. Vintage Sheets


Please sit down if you are not already, because if you love floral or vintage, or vintage floral, or basically just pretty stuff, you might have a heart attack when I tell you I found this vintage floral pretty fitted sheet for $3.50 and a vintage floral pretty doona cover for $4 in the SAME THRIFT SHOP AS POINT NUMBER EIGHT. Honestly, it’s just too much.


The kids love it just as much as I do, obviously.



4. Lipstick


Lipstick is the best stuck-at-home-dripping-with-needy-kids remedy ever. I’m not a big make-up person, but a dash of lippy makes me feel really, really good. Like maybe I have somewhere important to go instead of to the kitchen. To mash veggies.


3. Warm weather


Our backyard has officially been summer-fied.



One slide, one hose, a few tubs and you’ve got yourself one fun afternoon.








2. Fruit Picking




I’d love to claim amazing gardener status but truth is, my thumb is so far from green it’s red. We do however have a lovely neighbour and a lovely mandarin tree which hangs into our yard from her house and she lets us have free reign of it whenever we want.


She gives us basil, too. And rosemary. And parsley. And some weird vegetable I never know what to do with but I accept kindly and let it rot in my kitchen anyway. Mandarins, though. Everyone likes mandarins.



1. Bling


And lastly, some mummy bling.

Because diamonds are nice, but my two babies are nicer.



The end.

Good night, my friends.





And see you back here soon.


4 Responses to “Ten Things”

  1. Christina Howes

    Oh lord where did you get your beautiful rings made? I assume they were specially made? I have been wanting to do something just like this.

    • The Red Tent

      I scoured etsy for days finding ones that weren’t too tacky, or expensive, and ordered mine from this etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/JustJaynes She has a really large collection of personalized jewelery, but the stacking rings were my fav. I’ve also got some fingerprint pendants of my two on the way, which is another really lovely piece of mummy bling! (Different shop though) Have fun shopping!


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