The Spring Bucket List

If I had to choose one, Spring would take the title for Favourite Season. Spring is like a sunrise. It’s like that fifteen minutes in the morning before children are tired and bored and hungry and losing their bananas because NOT THESE SHOES MUUUMMMMYYYYYYYYY. NOT THESE SHOOOOOOOOEEEEEEES. Those fifteen minutes hold hope. Potential. A fresh cup of coffee.



How inspiring it is to begin again. To start over. To make fresh. To find room where things are cramped. To shed weight where things are heavy. To trim noise where noise is loud. To be given a brand new chance to find good, to see good, to be good.

That’s how Spring feels to me. And also, flowers!


I’ve been filled with inspiration this week to embark on a quick spring clean. I’ve scrubbed cupboard doors and thrown out clutter. I’ve rearranged spaces to make them more practical, to invite more connection and play, to inspire my family with new experiences. Our kitchen is tiny, and by moving the island bench we had in the middle and replacing it with Ella’s patchwork table, the kitchen is more user-friendly, fits all of us in there more easily and invites Ella’s involvement in cooking more.




We’ve made rice paper rolls and pizzas this week, all perched around that table, and it’s made meal time so much more fun to have Ella spread tomato paste and sprinkle on cheese and roll her own paper rolls.



And to keep the Spring inspiration humming along, I hereby present our Spring Bucket List, already written out and slapped up on our fridge.

Spring Bucket List 2014

  1. Make a bird feeder for our front yard
  2. Day trip to see baby farm animals
  3. Make this. (Do you know The Imagination Tree? Such a great website for simple play ideas for kids.) How good would it be to make mud pies in this??play+garden+text
  4. Order new Saltwaters for Ella, next size up
  5. Make home-made icypoles
  6. Make glass jar mobiles with flowers for our lounge room
  7. Order new swimmers for Ella, all ready for the warmer weather
  8. Make a dream catcher
  9. Make flower wreaths for the kids

Oh wait, already ticked that baby off.


See, I’m feeling excited already.

Happy Spring, sisters.









And goodness me, that did NOT just slip its way in here did it?


You guys, September means that CHRISTMAS IS COMING. And I may have accidentally made the first Christmas purchase of the year already.

Ok, I’ll stop now. Really. Too much.  Fancy dropping the C word into a September post. *ahem*

Go twirl in a garden, friends. I’ll see you back here soon.







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