Small Happies

I like Fridays.


Fridays are like a trailer to our weekend – a preview of what’s to come – gathering up that juicy, relaxing momentum ready to break the mould of The Grind.

On Fridays, we exhale.


I’ve been incredibly stretched this week, so I don’t have the brainpower to write many words today. More on that later when, you know, I get some sleep. (Who am I kidding, when I find more coffee is what I mean.)

Just some pictures which made me smile this past week, and a virtual dirty martini to give you all because the road to enlightenment is long and bumpy and one should never be without snacks and/or refreshments.

Some small happies…





















Friday Photo Dump, big high fives and see you back here soon. (theredtent on Instagram if you want to follow the feed.)

IMG_5827[1]Also, this made me cry-laugh this week. Watch it. It’s so good.

Lastly, a few sneaky photographs of my friend’s little family I finally got round to finishing the edit for. I cannot handle the cute.







Happy Friday, sisters.


6 Responses to “Small Happies”

  1. NatandDan

    Just the positive pick me up I needed after a very long and testing morning with the girls. To top it off, I’ve just removed the toilet brush and soggy toilet roll from Ava’s mouth after finding her playing in the toilet! Kill me now! 😖 Today will continue on with a much more pleasant arvo of creating our own small Friday happies… Well that’s the plan anyway!


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