Homeward Stretch

A quick mid-week post today. Joel has taken Ella to swimming, Billy is tucked away asleep, there’s osso bucco in the slow-cooker, and I’m retreating to my happy place to stockpile some bits of beauty.

Today I am loving…

Sweet little boys and the wonderland that is Bunnings. It’s my new Ikea.


Today I am loving…

How girly my girl is. Mirrors, shoes, lipstick, hairclips – this one’s into it all. And I love it.



Today I am loving…

The Sisterhood.


There was totally a red tent going on yesterday and while our children played (and fought) and laughed (and tantrumed) we all sat back and had the best of times. I love these girls to bits.



Today I am loving…

The Farm.


We call my brother’s house The Farm, because there are geese and horses and chickens and goats and dogs so it’s basically like, you know, Australia Zoo, only free. Ella goes nuts there which, obviously, makes me insanely happy.







Today I am loving…



Today I am loving…

Children’s parties. They’re one of the happiest places on earth.












That’s all for now, folks. Mid-week high-five. We’re on the homeward stretch. Cake and water slides to you all.



7 Responses to “Homeward Stretch”

  1. Sasha

    I am in love with all your beautiful photos and adorable family! If you don’t mind me asking, what camera do you normally use?

    • The Red Tent

      Hey Sasha, thank you. I have an old Canon 30D, but it has a 50mm 1.4 lens on it, which makes the photo quality a whole lot better. I also do a quick edit of most of the photos in Lightroom 4 before posting them. Are you into photography? What camera do you have?

      • Sasha

        I have an old Canon Rebel, but also the original standard lens. I just recently have been trying to improve my photos and know they could be much better quality. I was considering buying a new camera but I think the best bet would be to try the new lens first. I do have a simple editing software that came with my Mac computer as well.

        I always love your photos though! 🙂

      • The Red Tent

        Yes, I’d go with a new lens first too. The kit lenses which come with cameras are not that great, and I think most photo quality comes from which lens you use and not so much the camera. Shooting in manual mode also makes the photos much better. There is a fantastic photography blog http://clickitupanotch.com/ which has hundreds of articles on lenses and photography tips and shooting in manual mode, you should check it out! 🙂

      • Sasha

        Thanks, I am definitely going to go check it out!! You have been so helpful!!

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