Small Happies: Halloween Edition

Hey you guys. First up, I would like to recommend the drive through car wash as a contestant in the Top Five Things To Do On A Sunday Afternoon For Kicks.

Perhaps keep in mind that this list is family friendly, and that if you did not have really small people living with you, why the hell would you go to a car wash for entertainment when you can be drinking rose’ in your freshly ironed outfit while slinking back seared scallops and fresh oysters.

Small things. We revel in the small things around here. And thank you sweet Jesus because the small things are pretty great things, too.







A little small happies post today – putting my photography hat on and leaving you with some of my favourite pictures of our weekend. It was full and busy and very, very lovely.

My father-in-law’s 60th.








Late afternoon let’s-go-see-the-horses calls.
















Followed by pizza and rose’.




Halloween welcoming.

Ella’s pumpkin carving party is two weeks away so we’ve turned our house haunted. This is the first year she truly gets festivities like this. There is excitement to put up decorations and little hands flurrying to help. Spiders are found and put up, even though they’re just pretend, Mummy. It all just makes me insanely happy.






And lastly, since Halloween basically signals Christmas (there I’ve said it — CHRISTMAS — can you hear the holy bells chiming?) here is the link to the personalized star ornaments I have for our tree. I know a few people were asking after them last year.


Paper Boat Press is one of my favourite local businesses – beautiful people and beautiful products – so if you’re a tad sentimental like me, these would be right up your alley. Put your order in now though so they arrive in time for Christmas. They tend to get really busy leading up to Christmas!

Happy Tuesday eve. A big cheer for small, happy things.




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