Taking Stock

Although we got off to a shaky start, I whipped around the house ten minutes before we had to leave, found an acceptable lady beetle outfit, snapped a quick photo because: Supermum Of The Year, then crammed the kids in the car and left.

Cute, huh?


It was sweet and lovely, as all kids parties are, until they soon enough begin their downward decline. First, shoes go missing, food goes everywhere but inside mouths and sugar kicks into little body’s bloodstreams.


And then, in due time, we can expect sugar-crash tantrums, lost clothes and toilet training mishaps where, again, we squawk CODE BROWN CODE BROWN and employ the help of adult party-goers to grab plastic bags, wipe stained slides and hold neglected babies, while you try to force a smile because really. 

Eventually we arrive home like this.


And we decide to lay low the next day because: Recovery.

Yes, that is black food colouring. Hands and mouth. No, it’s not easy to remove. Yes, you will get a shock when it exits the body bright green.


Taking a little right-now stock, borrowed from Veggie Mama, a blog I started following because I wanted some ideas on how to get my kids to eat more veggies, and continued following because Stacey is equal parts kind and bass-ass, which might perhaps be my favourite combination in a woman.

Making : Our hills hoist look a little less, we’ll go with obvious, in preparation for a few parties we have coming up.
Cooking : Anything that can be chucked in the slow cooker. It’s my thing.
Drinking : Champagne at 5 because 5pm is always something to be celebrated.
Reading : Easy Halloween Party Food Ideas via the lovely Google.
Wanting : Someone to make aforementioned easy Halloween party food.
Looking : Skeptical at said easy Halloween party food because I’m pretty sure they mean Hard when they say Easy.
Playing : Lots of make-believe.
Wasting : Band-aids. Y’all know the band-aid game, right?
Sewing : Huh?
Wishing : I was eating some ice cream.
Enjoying : Playing around with my friend Kate’s camera this week. (Y’all might know her from her God-like photography featured in the tent a few times now. ) You guys, I’m in total love. I can’t even speak about how in love I am.
Waiting : To get our kitchen window fixed so we have no more possums sneaking in, eating all our fruit, smashing our plates and spilling honey all over our kitchen counters.
Liking : My new pair (*cough* pairs) of shoes.
Wondering : How I’m going to pose and position over fourteen people for a big family shoot I’m doing on the weekend.
Loving : Kate’s camera. Not sure if I mentioned that.
Hoping : To win the lotto so I can buy said camera.
Marvelling : At the new friendships I have found myself in recently.
Needing : To fill out Ella’s childcare rebate forms that have been sitting there for about, oh I don’t know, four months.
Smelling : Lemon and Lavender essential oils burning. My new favourite combo.
Wearing : Black tights. Black top.
Following : Channel Ten’s Party Tricks because, you know, I miss love Nina Asher.
Noticing : Some past negative thinking patterns coming up and deciding I should really go to counselling about it.
Knowing : That I don’t know much.
Thinking : That I’d like to live in India for 6 months with Joel and our kids.
Feeling : Unsure.
Bookmarking : All sorts of articles on raising girls because the older Ella is getting, the more serious I’m taking the whole fiasco.
Opening : My inbox and thinking that I should really unsubscribe to half the emails in there, but that it just seems like so much effort.
Giggling : At my friend’s attempts to make me believe in my creative side by racing off mid-conversation to show me these quotes — “Art is theft” – Pablo Picasso. “The only art I’ll ever study is stuff that I can steal from” – David Bowie. And her favourite, “To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research.” Steven Wright
Listening : To my heart.


And a little photo injection with the much-adored Canon 5D, 24-70mm lens — which, in layman’s terms, simply means Heaven. Gold also works, as does Unspeakable Euphoria. I’ve also been experimenting with shooting in RAW and if you are a photography amateur like me, don’t listen to anyone who tells you it doesn’t really make a difference BECAUSE IT ABSOLUTELY DOES.

Some recent Small Happies.

The Pumpkin Buy

Our second annual pumpkin-carving party is days away, and though we’re only two years in, the pumpkin buy has already become one of my favourite rituals.




This year I have two babies in my trolley (well, three if you count “Bubby”, who accompanies us on most outings). I am aware of how lucky this makes me, and I shall work my butt off to initiate Billy into the world of all things Halloween this year, his very first.










The pumpkins are home now. They are making me happy.



The Cardboard Box

It’s the Murphy’s law of every childhood – you give a kid a bright, fan-dangled toy or a cardboard box and they’ll take the box every time. A box is a car, a bed, a castle full of magical princes and princesses, and this week, it’s been the go-to thing in our house. Box rides? Serious fun.






Jacaranda Season

Need I say more? Jacarandas are pure Happy.




Brother-Sister Bond

For a silly moment back when I was pregnant with Billy, I was a little worried that my two kids would not share as close a bond than they would if, say, they were both girls. I had dreamed of spa nights and a shared bed and the girl’s room, and really, just saying my girls to be honest. I didn’t think a brother and sister could have as much in common, or be able to relate to one another as deeply as they perhaps could if they were both the same sex. This might be true when they reach their teenage years, but it also might not. The point is that it serves no purpose pondering. We do our best to encourage involvement and care and closeness now, and then we step back and realize that, actually, they don’t need prompting. They already get it. They already know the other is more special than just any other kid they meet. They already have a bond, independently of you, and I can’t even put into words how it is that feels.

It’s just not of this world, really.




Billy’s room is the place to be and the place so many sweet brother-sister moments happen.









New Witching Hour Cures


At 3pm, we’re out the door, looking for fresh air, fresh scenes and fresh adventures because Witching Hour at our place is not a pleasant thing to behold.

A newly-found walking track in some pretty woods, though? Pleasant plenty.















This little guy sprung up unexpectedly in Molly and Ruby’s garden and he is all shades of Small Happies.



And with that, I’m signing off sisters and wishing you a happy hump day. I’ll touch base on Friday with a little end of week post, but I’ve sort of got my hands full with Joel working more and photo shoot prep and party planning and the usual life-with-kids thing at the moment, so it’ll be short but sweet.

Hoping you find stacks of Small Happies today.








Also, I’m loving this quote today.

“Saying someone can’t be sad because someone else may have it worse is like saying someone can’t be happy because someone else may have it better.” ~Unknown


3 Responses to “Taking Stock”

  1. ezzwheadon

    Hahaha. Psycho quote woman that I am (I’m sorry! But when I have research to impart – I have to impart it!). It probably would have been easier to just lend you my copy of Austin Kleon’s book. LOL!

    Awww man. I’m kinda teary. As always. This is beautiful. I am always so captivated by your posts. Your soul is having the most amazing human experience at the moment. And your gift is to write about it and capture it so perfectly.

    P.S I LOVE the shot of the pumpkins. Well done you. 🙂

    • The Red Tent

      don’t apologize, you totally made my day. i’m down with psycho quote women, they’re kinda my favourite. thanks for all the sweet words. my brain is rejecting the compliments – as it does – but i’m taking them in anyway. you are the best ezz. so glad to know you x


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