Rainbow Unicorns

To be fair to tradition, I feel it would be a disservice to this blog to not flip one last Halloween cartwheel and raise a Holy Summer flag while I’m at it. I’m a celebrationist (it’s a thing). I believe in bunting. And sparklers. And confetti and balloons and making the most of what you have while creating all that you don’t.

Unless of course it’s that time of the month, and then I just believe in chocolate.
Trick or treating delivered, as I knew it would. Magical rainbow unicorns descended upon me and threw glittery unicorn dust sky-high, and I honoured this sacred occurrence as reverently as I could. Which is to say,  with glow sticks and incessant gushing and cute costumes and an awful lot of LOOK SWEETIE! HOW FUN IS THIS! OHMYGOD THIS IS MY SECOND FAVOURITE NIGHT OF THE YEAR!!!!!!



I’ve been criticized of portraying a false appearance of ‘happy families’ here on this blog, which always cuts a little to hear, and is something I will write about at a later date. However, let it be known that trick or treating night, we were. We WERE happy families and we clung tight to this feeling because for all the flawed and hopeless ways we love each other and try to raise our family, for one night, all was forgotten as Joel and I smiled wide-eyed at each other, an unspoken dialogue occurring which went something like: How awesome is this? Look at them. Look at our babies. Look at where we live. How fun is this? How lucky are we?



It’s like a clean slate, nights like this– a fresh pair of glasses through which to see, and though the day before we were most likely arguing about who did or did not fill up the water filter, about how the other shouldn’t talk to our kids like that, about why the other has to be like that, when a pirate hat is put on a head and a sword fastened into a belt buckle, we take this as a therapy session as good as we’ll ever have and rise above our mud to take on a common cause: FUN. And if there is one thing Joel and I do well, it’s celebrating stuff.









And in related celebratory news, our fans were dug out, scrubbed clean and positioned in bedrooms last week. This is the official flag raiser for the beginning of summer.  We say howdy to our beach towels and sorry to our bikini lines, and we brace ourselves for the mosquitos and bindis and sheer heat about to rip through.

We made the most of the hot weather this weekend and took a trip to the coast– a big family reunion with cousins and aunts and uncles we hadn’t seen for years. We swam. We ate. We beached. It was lovely..

















It’s energizing to go away, to rest, to gain fresh perspectives, to seek new experiences and new shores, but to me, what feels the best is coming home.  We return to the same scuffed carpet, the same dirty cupboards, the same peeling paint, but we find charm and familiarity in what would usually be a source of complaint. It’s the whole new glasses thing, where happiness lies within perspective instead of change. I love to sail on different seas and grab all this life has to offer, but home… home will always be my lighthouse, because we can only grow wings when we are anchored tight to something beautiful.



And that brings us to Wednesday.

Unicorn dust settling. Will keep it reigned in until the twinkle, twinkle of Christmas lights starts making its sneaky way in here and we accidentally switch to the Christmas Classics station on Pandora. Which I *cough* have not done yet.

Have a happy day, friends.


That’s my boy, clapping like it ain’t no thang. It’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser around here.

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