Pomegranate Skies

Let us go to the ocean, you and I,

                                            Sit among shadows and taste pomegranate skies,

     Savoring blue that bludgeons past life’s sigh,

              Eternities that quiver at the child’s cry,

    Winds that dissolve the still sounds of the sea,

              The sea shell’s ear harboring

    The honeyed voice of the breeze

 Until night pounds day

                                   With the heavy fist of dreams

               And the dream that’s been captured

     Is the dream that runs free

    By the sea, and the laughter,

             And the bees humming at dawn.



I have a new favourite scent. It used to be the smell of fire, but now? Now it’s the smell of my freshly bathed kids, the combination of lingering sunscreen and salt air and beach, tangled in their hair and skin as they curl their bodies into mine at night.

Bags still dot our hallway and the car is filled with sand. It’s the kind of mess I can cope with — mess which reminds you of the reason it’s there.

While political leaders from around the globe met in our hometown for the G20, we made good use of the long weekend and left. It was a 5 day weekend, actually, since Joel has Thursdays and Mondays off, and though we both came back to Brisbane on Saturday for work, we left our babies on holidays with their grandparents which was as much a treat for them as it was for us.



We walked along the beach at night, babies falling asleep in our arms. We ate Mexican and bought cheap sunnies and watched couples Brazilian dance on our favourite cove of beach. We swam and slept and soothed baby’s cries when the waves got too big and scary, and it was the best five days we’ve had in a long time.




Also, a tip – every holiday, bring along a grandparent or two so you actually get a holiday, as well. I barely changed nappies or bathed kids or worried about dinner or washed the dishes for FIVE DAYS STRAIGHT. And Joel and I got to sneak off for some one on one time, too, which we had not realized how much we missed.

On the last night, the Highlights Game began circling around the dinner table, each of us offering up our most favourite part of the trip — my father-in-law’s first try on our stand up paddle board, walking under the beach stars, our seafood dinner out — the moments came piling in, stored now in our family memories folder, tucked beside Christmases and first milestones as a time we will reminisce about long after it’s passed.

Our highlights, in photos.




(Billy’s penguin swimsuit was the only swimsuit I could find that is Joel approved. Joel is the sun police and Billy looked so ridiculous it was almost cute, and it very quickly became a running, endearing joke between us all.)



























I’ve returned home refreshed and re-inspired and do you know what’s happening, friends? We’re teetering at the edge of the cliff that is holiday season. Christmas trees and ornaments have found their sneaky way into Instagram feeds, and I have dug out my Traditions Matriarch Cape from the cupboard ready to chase the twinkly lights of Christmas all through December. And can I just say…GAME ON. December activity advent calendar has been written, a new extremely tall Christmas tree has been bought, and Brisbane’s What’s On list has been scowled over for Christmas events all over the city. This year we celebrate our boy’s first Christmas and we yeeha the first Christmas our girl really truly gets it – the joy, the traditions and who the hell Santa even is.

So friends, excuse me while Christmas hijacks this tent of ours for the next month and we JUMP OFF THE FESTIVE CLIFF AND SOAR!!

To celebrate, a little Red Tent Christmas Photo Challenge is coming up, where we will be blasting our IG feeds with all things Christmas. We won’t mind if it annoys people though because: Happiness!! Christmas!! Joy!!

Stay tuned, sisters, details to come.


Friday’s Photo Dump – catching up (theredtent on Instagram if you want to follow the feed).



Have a great week. I’ll be popping back here on Friday.

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