Popping In

Popping in real quick tonight.

Sick kids, awake since 2:30 this morning, etc, etc. I’m churning through the coffee, but even still, I would not want to submit you lovely people to the haze that is my brain right now. So, little words, lots of photos – happy, twinkly things from these past few days.

Ella’s Kindy Christmas party. First time seeing Santa in the cold, hard flesh this year.




She was cautious and apprehensive and she tugged at my dress and huddled in when I encouraged her to go and sit with Santa, so I just let the whole thing go. There was a table full of food and her best kindy friend, Emma, so Ella had all she needed to be happy.


Until, of course, Santa handed out presents and Ella’s name was called and she got a book and she hurried back all “Mummy, Santa said Merry Christmas to me!”.

They get there in their own time, these kids.

Let them take their time.



Last year, I caught the tail end of the Elf on a Shelf craze. Since I suffer third child syndrome, I made a mental note to order one for next Christmas because being left out does not go down well with me. Honestly, an elf that sits on a shelf and then you move him to a different shelf sounded kind of boring to me, but hey – third child. Gotta get on that train! Besides, all the other mums were doing it, and who else do we receive our cues on how to be a mother but from the status mama quo?

The first day, he sat on a shelf above our couch. The second day, he sat on a shelf in our room. I’ll be honest — it wasn’t riveting.

And then I came across a link on a friend’s Facebook page titled 43 Awesome Elf On A Shelf Ideas To Steal This Christmas and I was all Huh?  Who needs ideas on shelving for the elf? Pick a shelf, people. Move the elf to that shelf. It’s not rocket science. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

So then I clicked on the link, because: curiosity.

I then immediately emailed Joel and said, OH MY GOD. WE HAVE BEEN DOING ELF ON THE SHELF WRONG. We’ve been doing it WRONG! You WAIT.

He did not email me back.

But he DID let out the loveliest of chuckles when he came home that night and saw this.


I stood in that bathroom doorway and laughed so much some tears dropped out, and now we’re down with the elfing and the shelfing.



I get the craze. It’s stacks of fun.

More lovely Christmas things…


Every night we have to kiss the reindeer goodnight.


The survival of the Christmas tree is a minute-to-minute monitoring, now my boy has learned to move his cute little backside around the place.


Paper snowflakes. Guaranteed cheer. Joel: Well, they’re definitely an improvement from last year.

Thank you, Snowflake Police.


And that brings us to Friday.

Goodnight to all and to all a good night.






Friday Photo Dump (theredtent on Instagram if you want to follow the feed).


Phew. Punching out that post felt a bit like drinking a double espresso.

Now we rest.


3 Responses to “Popping In”

  1. Jenna

    Hope they get to feeling better soon! Your snowflakes ARE awesome! Thats some serious talent rach 😉

  2. Ten Christmas Loves | The Red Tent

    […] Once I got it, Elf on the Shelf was stacks of fun last year, our little Hiccup getting into all sorts of mischief (Mummy! He’s got my band aids! Stop him!). We look forward to more silly Hiccup childhood magic come December. […]


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