Our Christmas

Sometimes words are the best form of creative expression, sometimes photography is. In this case, while wrapped up in the cozy blanket that post-Christmas is, I’m going to go with photography, because of the simple fact that pictures can convey a million words, and then a million more.


It’s often difficult to write about highly emotive things and do the experience justice, so this Christmas, we’ll just go with freaking awesome.

Christmas eve is my most favourite night of the year, and now I’m a parent getting to recreate all the childhood magic for babies of my own, it’s its own kind of heaven.






One of my favourite things on Christmas eve is taking in my home, clean Christmas sheets on my kids’ beds, a table set ready for the morning, the twinkle of each and every light bouncing off walls and windows, feeling like time is suspended somehow.






And then when the sun goes down, we arrive at my parent’s house, ready to eat too much, open a million presents, grab our torches and look at the neighbourhood Christmas lights, finding any traces of Santa on the way.














We bundle tired babies home well past their bed time and on the drive home, we bargain with each over who has to stay up preparing for the morning and what we can get away with skipping because let’s face it, we’re tired. Clean sheets and a warm bed beckon to us like the holy grail, but we push on because we know our efforts will be worth every eye twitch by the time morning breaks.

And then, Christmas morning. Oh, Christmas morning. When we¬†realize it’s not just our children’s eyes that are glistening. Joel and I exchange looks on Christmas morning that speak entire novels. Everything dissolves in these looks except for the sheer joy it is to have created this family.



_MG_8666(she won’t let us take her hospital band off)













My family came over to our house for Christmas morning celebrations.





And then we headed over to Joel’s parent’s house to settle in for the rest of the day.






Christmas 2014 will forever be remembered as that time Joel planned the cleverest treasure hunt and surprised me with my dream camera. All I could do was stand there, lost for words, sobbing into my hands while Ella kept asking Joel what was wrong with Mummy. It will forever be remembered as the first Christmas we spent with our baby boy, and the one we were acutely aware of how lucky we were to have healthy children to tuck into bed — to have our little girl home from hospital and a village who holds us securely in place.

This life we live, it is good.





And because everything’s better to music, here is our Christmas video, stored like a treasure chest of jewels, so we can look back when we’re old and wrinkly and relive all over again how lovely it was to have little children in our care, and just how much our little lives shone.

Merry Christmas, friends.

2 Responses to “Our Christmas”

    • The Red Tent

      Yes!! New camera!! You just can’t take a bad shot with it!!! I still die every day when I see it. The smooth click of its shutter might actually be my most favourite sound on earth, even more than kookaburra song. Best husband ever!!!


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