Fuel Yourself Friday

One of my favourite Yeah, sisters! quote is this: Women hold up half the sky.

Perhaps men hold up the other half – we’re equal after all – but even still, a sister’s arm gets tired what with all the holding and sheltering and serving she’s got going on.

As it is on planes, so it is in life: We put our own face masks on before assisting others.

Therefore, I hereby introduce to you Fuel Yourself Friday.

The Red Tent is a magical petrol station. We suck down some fuel here, deep into our bellies, and we fill ourselves up again. Everyone who is a human knows it’s really hard and exhausting work to serve our people and follow our dreams plus find time to wash the dishes.

The purpose of Fuel Yourself Friday is to share snippets of petrol I’ve found around the place so we can fill our bellies with the good stuff; things I’ve loved that have helped me be a better, richer, more content person. Inspiring things. Small happy things.

5 Pints Of Petrol for you, ladies.

1. Our very own Go Get ‘Em Red Tent Music Soundtrack. I made a YouTube playlist. (Are you so proud of me, Bec?)

2. This little exert from Glennon Melton’s last blog post on jealousy and female friendship – y’all follow her, right?

“A few years ago I got overwhelmed and consumed by jealousy and this made me feel all clenchy and small – so I decided to try believing in abundance. And it sort of looked like this: When a friend shared good news, and I started feeling jealous, I told myself — kindly and gently (which is the only acceptable way to tell yourself anything) — to cut it out because scarcity is a lie and the truth is that there is ENOUGH to go around. And so I went out of my way to build her up even more. I want the best for you, I’d think.I really, really want you to have everything you’ve ever dreamed of.  And you guys, somewhere along the way, I started believing myself. I started believing that I was the type of woman who wanted the absolute best for everyone around her.  I started believing that I was a woman who would help the woman next to me get whatever she dreamed of. I became a person who believes that the bigger I help you become, the bigger I become. The happier I help you become, the happier I become. The more successful,  fulfilled and healthy I help you become — the more successful,  fulfilled and healthy I become. So let’s get started!

What on Earth is cooler than THAT? Nothing. That’s just the best, most exciting. expansive, HUGE way to live. To not only believe in abundance, but to CREATE more of it. To quit fighting for a bigger slice of pie and just bake a bigger pie and invite everybody you know to share it with you. Nothing beats that. That’s POWER.”

3. Loving the idea of a gratitude jar. Though I’ve been meaning to do this for years, this week I finally grabbed a jar, stuck a Small Happies label on it and put it on my bedside table. This is the year!



4. This piece from Kelle Hampton’s blog, Enjoying The Small Things, also about comparison and developing supportive attitudes towards other women. Loved it.

“Well hello 2015. I admit, I’ve been hobbling into the new year, still reminiscent of the past two weeks and surveying the mess and open suitcases in my house with dread. Every time I see someone post something with cheerleader gusto about NEW GOALS! RUNNING SHOES! SIX HOUR HOUSE CLEANING BLITZ! or, God forbid, NEW YEAR JUICE CLEANSE!, I want to kick them in the shins with the sparkle shoes I never ended up wearing New Year’s Eve. Which sums up a wonderfully supportive attitude for other women, eh? Don’t be ambitious! Don’t follow your dreams! Stay back for me! An attitude I’m climbing out of right now. To all the ambitious, juice-chugging, mile-logging, goal-chasing beautiful women out there who started the new year out with a pace I wasn’t quite ready for…thank you. Thank you for setting the pace, for using your enthusiasm to invite me to share it. Thank you for secretly motivating me and for not keeping the fear of pissing other women off from doing what you do and doing it well–shining bright. We other women will choose to throw our shoes on eventually and come keep you company. Or maybe we’ll choose to stay put, happy to chase goals that are different from yours. We’ll still wave big fluorescent posters for you from the bleachers while you run your race–start the wave, sing some Queen, stomp and clap and cheer for you to finish. And if, for any reason, we choose not to support you, to laugh at your juice cleanse, to mock your ambition or to let your goals, your success and your enthusiasm get so in the way of our own that we drink the attitude poison–keep running, friend. Pay no attention to us. It has nothing to do with you. It’s the suitcases we let sit, the alarm clock we turned off, the books we’re not reading, the time we wasted, the thing we wanted to start doing so badly that we haven’t made time for. But you? Please run. We need you to run. Even if we pretend like we don’t. Your ambition stands as nothing less than an invitation to join you or to learn from you–even if that learning means we discover we have shin splints and we hate kale. You? You are a New Year’s mascot, and every team needs one. So thank you.”

5. This quote I found on Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook page. “And don’t forget to make some art. Write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can.”

quote 205


And in Friday Red Tent tradition, onwards with the Small Happies – things this week that have made me smile.

The way he looks at her.



The way she mothers him.



Billy’s room – one of our fav hangouts – and the Christmas present that keeps on giving. I love miniature stuff. It gives me an abnormal feeling of happiness.



Our new bed.


You guys, recycled VJs. Get on that bandwagon. We found a heap at a scrap yard near us and Joel turned them into a headboard I’ve dreamt about in my head for ages. We also found a king sized mattress on sale we loved, so we’ve upgraded to a big bed that fits everyone in. We feel like real grown ups! Can’t shut our bedroom door anymore but look! Back to the bed! So pretty!




Mismatched pigtails.


Watching my little boy growing and learning and standing all on his own. He gets up to no good, but I love it all the same. Did someone say his first birthday was less than a month away? Surely not.





Redefining witching hour with a muddy puddle hunt.






And a trip to the playground.


Popcorn machines. This was a very happy moment this week. Popcorn flying everywhere, Ella in hysterics. It was good.


And we take our popcorn party to the big bed where Ella asks if she can watch Frozen again and sing “Let It And Go” Mummy?




The double stroller. It made me smile.



If you’re on Instagram, start hashtagging your happy moments with #smallhappies, and share them with us all. I will choose a few favourites each week to feature in our Friday posts.

Hereby presenting my Small Happies Friday Photo Dump (theredtent on Instagram if you want to follow the feed).


Happy Friday! Swishy skirt twirl!

4 Responses to “Fuel Yourself Friday”

  1. Erica Wheadon

    That headboard!! *swoon* I love this so much. It’s so you.

    #2 is resonating this week too. This scarcity thing we do has to stop. *sigh* Sadly – I have been on the receiving end of it lately. Transcendence can be isolating sometimes. I wish people would realise it’s a journey, not a destination and that we’re all worthy of dreaming every single dream we can imagine.

    Anyway. Thanks for posting this. Also – Ella + Billy? That bond. Wow.

    • The Red Tent

      yes. the scarcity thing is a rubbish way of thinking. “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” It’s up to others what they do with that light. But you? You shine on, sister.

  2. meetmeonamountaintop

    Rach, do your daughter’s feet never grow? Those fabulous red boots have been donned at least a year now. And they’re not even scuffed! How??? (And where do I get some?) xo B

    • The Red Tent

      Oh, they’re scuffed. They’re barely hanging in there. Broken zipper and toes squished in, but she loves them. We got them as hand-me-downs from a friend so I couldn’t even tell you where to buy some. Don’t you hate that!


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