Small Happies

Everyone’s always saying that happiness doesn’t rest in the minds of those who have the best of everything, but of those who make the best of everything. That is all very wise and all, but if happiness is air con and a swimming pool in 38 degree temps and 90 percent humidity — and let’s be clear, IT IS — then I’m on board with the sentiment, like, 90% of the time, but the other 10% falls into the category of Give Me All The Best Things. A fully air-conditioned house in Brisbane January weather is one of those Best Things. However, I suppose I’m adhering to the wise quote when — since I don’t actually HAVE air con and a pool, I MADE THE MOST of my resources and packed my kids up for a long stint at Gran and Grumps’s house – Joel’s parent’s – who have both. We have endearingly dubbed Gran and Grumps’s house The Resort, because it’s just that lovely to be at. The minute you walk through the front gate, along the boardwalk which acts like a bridge over their lily-covered pond, frangipanis sprinkled at your feet, the feeling you get that you might be on holidays is instant. Gran and Grumps welcome us with fizzy water and a fridge full of food and cold beer and big sing-songy he-llo-os! and so we end up staying far longer that we plan. No one minds. We consider moving in for the rest of the summer.


A small happies post today, because it’s been awhile and because they’re one of my favourite posts – finding the vibrant specks of colour within the pastels of everyday life.

Skateboarding at the front our house – our nature strip is like Church.



Big sister hands grabbing tight to little brother feet, just to make extra sure he’s safe and secure.



Rainbow toys – I swear I dig them out and force my kids to play with them solely for the rainbows.




IMG_1506New swimmers, Joel the Sun Police approved.


Sharing witching hour with girlfriends — perhaps my newest, favourite thing.






Steamy cups of tea, air con, and blocks of writing time.

IMG_1639Swimming at The Resort pool – performed an average of 692 times these past few days.





And watching how confident my little girl is getting in the water.


Post-swimming hair — the single curl of a little piglet’s tail. Cannot handle how much I love it.



Cute washing helpers.




Sitting on benches. I don’t know why but I have an insane love of bench-sitting.




Make ice-blocks with Gran. It’s their thing.





Little babies wanting to join the cubby house fun. Oh the cute! Seriously!




The introduction of The Green Juice. With both parents being acupuncturists, and grandparents who are naturopaths and also acupuncturists, our poor kids have no choice but to grow up green. The verdict?




Not convinced and slightly suspicious, but hey – he’ll take anything.





Lastly, if you missed it on The Red Tent’s Facebook page, I’m over at The Urban List this week writing an article on 6 Baby Shower Gifts That Don’t Suck.

article screen shot


Click here to check it out! ALSO if you are looking for someone to write for you — on your blog as a guest, articles for your magazine (I will take fancy magazine requests as well, but only because I’m generous) — I’m your girl. Please email me at with the details.

And that brings us to Wednesday.

Pockets full of glitter to you all — grab your small happies and sprinkle them like crazy. They are the most valuable things around.







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