Sisterhood Shindig – Day Four

Well aloha, all you healthy-eating, paperback-reading, well-rested beauties! I see that Mr Corby has been taking wonderful care of you.

It’s Bec again. Don’t mind my sweat patches – I’ve just come back from a beach yoga session (in fact, I think I saw you there – didn’t I nearly fall on you mid tree pose?).

Image from here



Anyway, now I’m enjoying an absolutely delectable cup of Earl Grey tea. Have you checked out the breakfast buffet this morning? Mr Corby has outdone himself. from here 


He’s really trying hard for us, isn’t he? And the way he insists on refilling our coffees and washing the dishes alone. One of you single ladies needs to get onto that NOW.


So as we passed each other in the bathroom this morning, Rach asked me to explain the Shindig agenda for today. I assumed she had some super important blogging business to do, but truth be known she’s getting a massage. When I checked in on her, she’d just wound the clock back an hour and a long line of drool was extending down through the hole in the massage table to the floor. I thought it best to just close the door and leave her to it. (PS: Have you guys SEEN the masseuse here?)


Image from here


I’ll give you all a minute to go book in for this afternoon.




OK! So the program for today is thus:


The Royal Society For The Proliferation Of Guilt-Free Online Shopping (I know, I had NO IDEA this organisation existed either) are apparently huge fans of this little tent of ours. Weird, right? Anyway, they have selected us to trial a new kind of shopping event they want to promote: a “social online shopping expedition”. We have been given a very, very large (read: MEGA) sum of money*…which you are all obliged to spend. Most of the events in this Shindig operate on a very casual, “join in if you want to” basis. Not this one, I’m afraid. This one is mandatory, you guys. You all must spend AT LEAST $1,000 of someone else’s money on yourself and those you love. OK? Shh, I don’t want to hear any more complaining.


So we’re going to move down to the spa area now, sit on those über comfy lounges with our laptops, and get pedicures whilst guilt-free online shopping till every single heart in this room is content.



 Image from here



Some recommended websites to get you started: men and women’s clothing for great hand-made, unique things cute and unique housey stuff and clothing and jewelry and baby stuff beautiful homewares, like ooo-la-la beautiful women’s fashion clothes and fashion clothes and fashion men and women’s fashion kids fashion kids toys

downthatlittlelane: simply adorable stuff – homewares, fashion, cool kids stuff. If you love vintage and pre-loved stuff, Instagram shops are where it’s at. This one’s Rach’s fav, mostly with kids clothes, but some women’s clothes, too.


(And if you have any more great shopping website suggestions, PLEASE share the love and add the link to the comments below! Ta.)


I’m off – my massage starts in 15 minutes and although I’m married, I still feel strangely compelled to shave my legs for it…
Bec xxx
(*pretend money but shhhhhhh…)

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